Matchstick Globe Sculpture

It took the sculptor two years to reproduce the world using individually-painted matchsticks. Every piece of “earth” as …Continue Reading

Landscape Carved into Books

A Canadian sculptor carved majestic three-dimensional landscape onto the spine of Encyclopedia Britannica, leaving the 24 books transformed …Continue Reading

Lifelike Giant Hedgehog Sculpture

It took a team of artist two months to craft this giant hedgehog using 2,000 soft wood spikes …Continue Reading

Kinetic Sculptural Orrery

This mechanical model of the solar system with a clear, acrylic orb representing the sun and several “planets” …Continue Reading

Kinetic Sculpture with An Illusion of Rotating Head

A Swiss artist uses metal panel silhouettes to create a kinetic sculpture that form an illusion of rotating …Continue Reading

Old Books’ New Lookings

An artist adds twisted wires as the old book’s limbs and puts the little book guy into amusing …Continue Reading

The Story Pages Turned into Book Sculptures

Inspired by the materials themselves, an artist turns the paper pages into 3D dimensional sculptures that tell the …Continue Reading

Dragon Coming out of A Book

Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, the artist creates a paper dragon which literally pops off the page …Continue Reading

Moveable Metal Sculptures

Isn’t it interesting to get metals moving by carving them into some windmill-shaped sculptures? These kinetic sculptures are …Continue Reading

Realistic Resin Sculptures of Noodles

A Korean artist recreates common Korean noodle dishes with resin chopsticks that float 12-feet-high dangling resin noodles flowing …Continue Reading

Flexible Paper Sculptures

Beijing artist Li Hongbo create delicate works built of thousands of layers of soft white paper that are …Continue Reading

Hobbit Dollhouse

If you are so desired to live in a tranquil, leisurely and luxurious hole for primitive nature, here鈥檚 …Continue Reading

鈥12 shoes for 12 lovers鈥

The designer presents us 12 shoe sculptures which reflects the personalities and idiosyncrasies for the 12 former lovers …Continue Reading

Driftwood Sculptures

An American artist transformed driftwood found on the Washington coast into creative furniture and life-size animal sculptures.

Handcarved Needle-sized Wooden Sculptures

An Indonesian artist has handmade this collection of needle-sized wooden sculptures, each of them features with unique posture …Continue Reading

Realistic Sculptures

Made out of silicone, resin, fabric, rubber and hair, these incredible sculptures are extremely detailed and look like …Continue Reading

Terrifying Watermelon Carvings

Artist Clive Cooper carved a collection of terrifying 3D faces watermelon sculptures that will freak you out!

Fantastic Narwhal Whale Sculpture

Amazing and fantastic sculpture of a transparent narwhal whale which embraces a rainbow-colored unicorn inside its body. It …Continue Reading

Striking Contemporary Sculptures

Emotionally evocative, fiercely modern, this collection of metallic and concrete color-painted resin sculptures is quite stylish and breathtaking. …Continue Reading

Intricate Sand Sculpture Scenes

This collection is not like other sand sculptures ever. The artist combines many figures to create comprehensive and …Continue Reading

Ten Stunning Beach Sculptures

Going, Going..Gone, Sculpture by the Sea 2006: Art by Stuart Clipston In the end of summer, it may …Continue Reading

Exquisite Punk Sculptures

These sculptures are quite a meticulous construction, the arrtist collects daily gadgets like machine parts to create sophisticated …Continue Reading

Amazing Painted Wooden Sculptures

Formed entirely of wood and then painted, Tom Eckert鈥檚 work is full of wonder and magic. Fine and …Continue Reading

Realistic Glass Animal Sculptures

These animal sculptures made of shards of glass stuck are from the hands of a Polish artist, such …Continue Reading

Flossis climbing over the Roggendorf House

Here in Duesseldorf, Germany, a climbing contest is taking place. And the contestants are called Flossis and designed …Continue Reading

Let鈥檚 enjoy music with DJ Pump

Southern California based artist and sculptor Andy Bergholtz brings life to a pumpkin. He calls it DJ pump. …Continue Reading

Amazing miniature motorcycles

These miniature motorcycles were intricately made out of old watch parts. They are one-of-a-kind original creations by Canadian …Continue Reading

Melted ice cream truck on the beach

Too hot that even an ice cream truck would have been melted! This post presents to you an …Continue Reading

Mushroom Cloud Sculptural Installation

While nearly 99% of mushroom clouds emphasize the word “cloud”, this one made by British conceptual artist Chris …Continue Reading

Piano Sculpture

Can you believe that these sculptures are made from broken strings and missing keys of pianos? Even though …Continue Reading

Wooden Pin Heads

With merely wooden pins, sunglasses and some clever lighting, Philip Karlberg has come up with these heads that …Continue Reading

Glass Sculptures

Humans, umbrellas, animals, bottles and other objects, what do you think these extremely detailed sculptures are made from? …Continue Reading

Creative Salt Installations

Really impressive huge-sized installations finished by Japan-based artist Motoi Yamamoto, and all of them are made of salt鈥 …Continue Reading

Video Sculpture

Looking nice and sounding good, the sculpture unveiled at the Canary Wharf in London is composed of 310 …Continue Reading

Tank made from 5016 Egg Cartons

Simply planning to raise some money for charity, Sculptor Stuart Murdoch has created a tank with 5,016 egg …Continue Reading

Pulsing Heart Sculpture

The 2012 Valentine’s Day is almost here. Right in the middle of Times Square New York, there’s a …Continue Reading

Creative Shoe Sculptures

Have you ever thought that your shoes may have their own thoughts and personalities to express? Whatever answers …Continue Reading

Hanging Sculptures Constructed with Buttons

Really unbelievable, but all these fabulous sculptures you鈥檝e seen are truly made with sewing buttons, thousands of sewing …Continue Reading

Sexy Sculptures Made of Straws

Nothing unique鈥 Honestly that was my opinion to these sculptures created by Sang Sik Hong, until I was …Continue Reading

“Bourrasque” Glowy Sculpture

Constructed with 200 suspended sheets made from an electrically conductive material that lights up when a current passes …Continue Reading

Incredible Detailed Book Sculptures

Mountains, rivers, temples, almost everything we see in daily life would appear in another world constructed by Guy …Continue Reading

Interactive Liquid Sculpture

Made of nanoscale ferromagnetic and fluid (usually an organic solvent or water), this is an interactive liquid toy …Continue Reading

Driftwood Horse Sculptures

Why and how could there be trees that grow into the amazing shapes as horses?! Honestly that’s what …Continue Reading

Scribbled Line People

Scribbled Line People is collaborative work between Ayaka Ito and Randy Church, who have used applications like Flash …Continue Reading

Skateboard Sculptures

There’s no waste in the designers’ mind, because anything old and unused can find their new life after …Continue Reading

Flying Robots will assemble a Tower in France.

Next month at the FRAC Centre in Orl茅ans, France, there will be a six meter high and 3.5 …Continue Reading

A Roller Coaster without A Roller Coaster

The greatest thrill you ever get is going on the roller coaster? Of course it is, but next …Continue Reading

Cow Sculptures Made from Used Cars

Almost in every part of the world we can find creativity, which now exists in Finland too. There …Continue Reading

Awesome Paper Sculptures

Let us enjoy the beautiful scenery of Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal and American cities now, with these fantastic …Continue Reading

Metal Animals Made with Waste Materials

Time again new value is found with old things. With his creative design and good work, Edouard Martinet …Continue Reading