Dog-shaped Shelf

The life-sized dog-shaped cardboard organizer is easy to assemble and beautiful in appearance.

360 Degree Adjustable Shelf

One shelf is enough for displaying one or two items and able to change the orientation and degrees …Continue Reading

DIY Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves

Fill the cracks of a piece of chestnut wood with growing resin to create unique furniture of your …Continue Reading

Stockwerk Shelf

Foldable wooden Stockwerk Shelf can be easily pulled into shape with the need of assembly.

Face Shaped Shelf

This is a simple but original way to organize your books on the shelf. Since it is shaped …Continue Reading

Klaffi Shelf

Klaffi Shelf is an ideal shelving device for small apartment. Designed by Finnish Eeva Lithovius, the shelf takes …Continue Reading

Shelf House

Shelf House for bookworms is located in Osaka, Japan. Once stepping into the house, you鈥檒l see big and …Continue Reading

Face Shelving

Need to face your books everyday? If so, why not store them on this Face Shelving system? As …Continue Reading

Weed Shelving

Today we’re loving this Weed Shelving, Sergey Saava’s creative work that is shaped like weed and brings into …Continue Reading

Head shelf

Yaps these shelves look very ordinary when you view them from the front, but they’re indeed creative as …Continue Reading

Catalyst Shelf

Aptly dubbed “Catalyst”, Jiyoung Seo’s shelf triggers user to feel, touch and react with the unit so as …Continue Reading

You’ve Got Mail!

Well, well, obviously you’ve got some mails… not from I New Idea or any of your buddies but …Continue Reading

Chinese Chess Bookshelf

The Chess Bookshelf is in the Chinese traditional style, featuring magnets to hold the chess pieces as unique …Continue Reading

IVY Modular Shelving System

IVY is designed to grow inside your rooms, just like trees grow outside your apartment. More exactly, it …Continue Reading

Accordion Shelf

Well, the Accordion Shelf designed by Eisa Srozyk just makes me think of the Fruit Memo Pads ever …Continue Reading

Balanced Shelf

Balanced Shelf from Christian Kim is a shelf unit that can move to form different shapes. According to …Continue Reading

Looks Like Your Back, Neatly Holds Your Book

Apparently the new bookcase from designer Pietro Travaglini seems not that unique or attractive on the first sight, …Continue Reading

AAKKOSET Bookshelf

It is always difficult for you to find out the needed books among various ones on the shelf? …Continue Reading

Equilibrium Bookshelf

The bookshelf here, the Equilibrium is designed to surprise your guests with a unique shape seeking for briefness, …Continue Reading

Jet Sets

Slicker and interesting to look at, these jet sets wouldn’t take anything away from you but will always …Continue Reading

Growing Bookshelf

Of course the bookshelf holds your books, but more importantly, it also grows to accommodate more books.

Decorative Cloud Shelves

Many people love clouds because they’re white, clean and they change constantly to show us new beauty. The …Continue Reading

We’re Not Paper Shelves.

There is an element of surprise in the “Levita” shelf, an interesting piece of decor and furniture created …Continue Reading

“Plus One” Shelving Addition

“Plus One” is a unique shelving addition designed by Matthias Ries. It merely consists of two simple parts鈥攁 …Continue Reading

Stylish Round Bookshelf

The exceptional round shape and bright white/red colors give Kim Ji-hye’s bookshelf a refreshing look, making it quite …Continue Reading

Ladder Shelf

Here at I New Idea we find that people always have a vivid imagination and boundless creative power. …Continue Reading

Turning Boxes

Good design helps with better life! Take Lab Istanbul’s Turning Boxes for example. The creative bookshelf is made …Continue Reading

Transformable Shelf By Martin S盲mmer

You’re the one to decide what the furniture should be like. The Transformable Furniture designed by Martin S盲mmer, …Continue Reading

A Bookshelf That Hugs Your Books!

The bookshelf from Sturlesidesign fits in perfect to any home or office environment and especially suits those who …Continue Reading

Dinosaurs will hold your CDs.

The CD rack takes a good advantage of dinosaurs’ skeleton, enabling the users to place more pieces of …Continue Reading

Hanging Book Cases

Nothing would suit you better to exhibit your favorite books than the Slim Book Case. These transparent book …Continue Reading

Shelf Made

Creative Factor: The ergonomics of the furniture and the stability. You know those movable chairs, tables and stools …Continue Reading

Saucer by Eric Degenhardt

Creative Factor: A simple but multifunctional gadget. How do you like those pieces of furniture we’ve introduced these …Continue Reading

Bookwave Hanging Storage

Now this would look good in any office or living rooms. Made from fabric and stainless steel, the …Continue Reading

Build A Book Nest

It is a wall-mounted bookcase, not only a stylish shelf for your favorite books, but an attractive decoration …Continue Reading

Short Circuit Shelf

We have to admit, that the designer Alexandra DiCairano has successfully helped us to notice the artistic quality …Continue Reading

Modular Shelf Unit

Want to build your own shelving unit? Right here is a new kind of modular shelf unit that …Continue Reading

Which state is the book from?

Some people love to arrange their books by the first letters of their names, while someone prefer to …Continue Reading

鈥業me眉ble鈥 by Bj酶rn J酶rund Blikstad

Wall storage shelves haven鈥檛 change much for years, except for their different shapes and patterns. But the 鈥業me眉ble鈥 …Continue Reading

鈥極fficial Playground鈥檈nsures you a personal space for meetings

KFC has a children鈥檚 playground for fitness and amusement, but what does our library have? Rows of books聽and …Continue Reading

Versatile Wooden Bookcase

Build these colorful wooden modules as you like! For both kids and adults.

鈥楧ominus鈥 Shelf

Inspired by the classical game Dominoes, Knot Design has come up with the 鈥楧ominus鈥 Shelf, presenting a flowing …Continue Reading

Rotary Commodity Shelf

A good design always makes for a good life, just like the Rotary Commodity Shelf that is based …Continue Reading

Book Sconce

I really appreciate the awesome idea as it highlights my favorite book. Made from powder-coated steel, the peeling …Continue Reading

Shape-shifting Shelf

At the first glance, maybe it鈥檚 a bit difficult for you to deem the item as a shelf, …Continue Reading

Light and Armchair

Due to the limited living space nowadays, people are looking for compact products that make the most use …Continue Reading

Shelving Units from Lago

Presenting here is an amazing collection of shelving units from Lago, which were invented, claimed by the designer, …Continue Reading

Rear Carrier With LEDS

The simple kind of rear carrier is configured with LEDs, making it more convenient for hosts to check …Continue Reading

Altavoz Modular Shelf System

The world won鈥檛 be so fabulous if we haven鈥檛 come up with numerous creative ideas, and we do …Continue Reading

鈥淔old Out鈥 Shelves

With much more emphasis laid on a combination of practicality and aesthetics, furniture designers have been facing some …Continue Reading