A Cozy Sofa, Bed & Cabin Furniture

This hybrid furniture integrates a sofa, a bed and a cabin, providing you an unparalleled cozy private space. …Continue Reading

Crazy Transforming Sofa

We’ve seen lots of safa go into beds, it’s still hard to believe this simple, small regular couch …Continue Reading

Canvas Furniture

Appearing to be paintings leaning against the wall, these sofa, chair and armchair made of wood, metal and …Continue Reading

Origami Sofa

It’s a two-seat sofa as well as a flat mat, the Japanese paper-folding inspired furniture is made of …Continue Reading

Giant Cat Couch

The giant cat couch could be a substitution of any cozy house items such sofas, beds, armchairs or …Continue Reading

Teddy Bear Sofa

Delightful to have a giant buddy like big teddy bear鈥檚 accompany, particularly in a comfortable and cozy sofa …Continue Reading

Comfortable Sofa Bag for Sleeping

With this bed of sleeping sofa bag, you can always go to sleep or get up as you …Continue Reading

Sofa of Sleeping Bag

Stephanie Horning has designed this simple and practical sofa from the aspiration of yearning for outdoor camping life. …Continue Reading

Fluffy Man-eating Sofa

This big ball of fluffy sofa comes from a very interesting story: A boy likes teasing fish-balls in …Continue Reading

Stinging Cactus Sofa

Would you imagine the pain stinged by cactus thorns when seeing these cactus? Take easy, these life-like cactus …Continue Reading


Sofa is not merely furniture, because it actually has a free soul too, with which the furniture not …Continue Reading


Looking for something to surprise all your friends and guests? Sofa XXXX is rightly the thing you’ll need.

VW Beetle Sofa

The VW Beetle Sofa is a new piece of furniture that comes with a cute look as that …Continue Reading

Happy Color TV

It would definitely be quite interesting to have such a cute pillow in the sofas… With the old …Continue Reading

Recycled Refrigerator + Couch = Fridgecouch

A luxurious but cheap couch does not always exist in IKEA, sometimes it may rightly stand in your …Continue Reading

Lost In Sofa Chair

Who would ever know what you’ll find between or underneath the sofa cushions? A coin, a remote controller …Continue Reading

Fossa Sofa by Aur茅lien Barbry for COR

You’d like to create a new image of sofas? Then have a look at what Aur茅lien Barbry has …Continue Reading

WOW Transformable Sofa

Ideal for compact city apartments, the WOW sofa from Campeggi features a smart button and presents a plain …Continue Reading

Transformable Relax Furniture

Constructed from five square and triangular pillows, the sofa bed from designer Zuzana 艩i拧ovsk谩 can easily transform into …Continue Reading

Kale Furniture Unit Can Transform Into Toys

Many things can conspire against parents when they try to ready their kids for the future, so one …Continue Reading

“Bobo” Modular Sofa

What should a sofa that suits everybody be like? During the Fair in Milan, we found a possible …Continue Reading

Monster Sofa

The project is the collaboration between Pieke and Innofa/Stretch Textiles, exhibiting at Ventura Lambrate, Milan Salone 2010. The …Continue Reading

Slide Aluminum Sofa

Soaring prices of urban apartments have forced the citizens to choose small residence and make a full use …Continue Reading

Safo Sofa: A stylish Multifunctional Sofa

Measuring 800 x 800 x 1600 mm, the ‘Safo Sofa’ from Ba铆ta Design would surely be popular, on …Continue Reading

Pumpkin Sofas

Pumpkins used on Halloween’s day always make people, especially the kids feel frightened. But these pumpkins shown here …Continue Reading

Giant Knit Rugs

Called as ‘phat knit’, the series of oversized furniture are made using giant knitting needles and strings. Available …Continue Reading

Hechima 4 By Ryuji Nakamura

Tokyo-based architect Ryuji Nakamura designed the ‘Hechima 4′, an eye-pleasing chair, with vulcanized fiber. Created for pleasure and …Continue Reading

‘Drop’ Convertible Seat

An Italian designer Leonardo Perugi created the ‘Drop’, a convertible seat that could be transformed into a lounge, …Continue Reading

Blow Sofa: Use your furniture everywhere.

Creative Factor: Lightweight and portable, the inflatable will offer you much convenience. Designed by Malafor, the hailed ‘Blow …Continue Reading

A collection of creative sofas

10 creative sofas are here to add your living rooms with more fun! Follow us and check out …Continue Reading

Weird Chair

The picture has startled you? Well, that happened to me, too. Shaped like a blood drop, the chair …Continue Reading

Let鈥檚 be friends!

鈥淟et鈥檚 be friends!鈥 That鈥檚 really a simple sentence but on the other hand difficult for us to say …Continue Reading

Adam and Eve is a flexible sofa and bed.

鈥楢dam and Eve鈥 is a new way for home furnishing. Then what is behind the special name 鈥楢dam …Continue Reading

Suited Case

Whenever we鈥檙e away from home, homesickness always beats us easily as we couldn鈥檛 help missing the pleasant bed, …Continue Reading

Harley Davidson Chair

Oh my god! Isn鈥檛 it crazy that just one sofa costs $6950? But you may find it really …Continue Reading

Eclosion Sofa, Couch with a Zipper

In my opinion, sexy always means those charming and graceful emotions exuded in casual glance, just like this …Continue Reading

Shark Sofa

Watch out, the shark is appearing! Probably because humorous tricks are always acquiescent as they have brought too …Continue Reading

Tire Sofa

Made of reprocessed tires, the sofa is a good example of 鈥渞esource recycling鈥. Put some tires all together, …Continue Reading

Roll Chair

The elastic sofas, a sort of moldable piece of furniture that transforms their configurations when you sit on …Continue Reading

Tall backrest gives you public privacy

At first glance, this sofa has no difference with normal ones. But its backrest can be unfolded to …Continue Reading

Transformable sofa

Although sofa is leisure furniture and you can sit on it with nearly any position, you cannot change …Continue Reading

Sofa climber

If you need more dynamic active factor in your house, I guess you will like this design. Although …Continue Reading

Omni Chair

Although sofa and bed are very good places for relaxation, you won鈥檛 be pretty comfortable when you get …Continue Reading

Pixel sofa

This is a funny idea. I bet you gotta feel giddy with a unique pixel sofa in your …Continue Reading

Zipzip Pad

Unlike most of the other pads, these ones feature zips on all four sides, and so you can …Continue Reading

Paper sofa

This is unique art project from Japanese designer Nendo. It made from waste paper, and you need to …Continue Reading

Chaise Longue from XYZ

Thanks to the unique rotating cushion, this sofa could be transformed into a comfortable Chaise Longue.

Transformable sofa

With two curves on the back, the two side sofas could be folded as the hand rest. In …Continue Reading

Octopus sofa made from Jeans

What could you do with old jeans? You gonna be surprised by this innovative sofa. It is made …Continue Reading

Stylish sofa bed

Separated into two half semicircular sofa, this bed is good thing for guest.