Lightning Vest

Surely it’s dangerous to cycle in the evenings no matter what kinds of tools you’ve chosen to avoid …Continue Reading

Clipp Table Leg

Install the Clipp to any wood or plastic plates and then you can create your own tables鈥 When …Continue Reading

Transformer Furniture

Anything full of connotation is always appreciated. Just as a man with rich connotation attracts us much more, …Continue Reading

Handycan Concept

Handycan is a concept design comes with grooves that make it easy to grip. The clever design will …Continue Reading

Wall-mounted Shoe Rack

So you’re living in a small apartment and cannot spare any space to place your shoes? If so, …Continue Reading

Flameingo Fire Extinguisher

Slim, slim, slim, seeming everything nowadays is pursuing a good figure, even includes the fire extinguishers. Have a …Continue Reading

Theaters Will Hold More People With Ziba’s Folding Seats.

A good designer always tries to see the matter from users’ points of view. When they frequently need …Continue Reading

Sasan Magic Carpet

Sasan Magic Carpet is a clever design that offers practical sleeping and seating solutions with its adjustable constructions. …Continue Reading

Parasite office

Buildings in Moscow used to have a long distance from others so you may easily find large space …Continue Reading

Goci Foldable Kitchen

Goci’s Foldable Kitchen is one of the best-organized kitchens you can ever find. It mainly consists of four …Continue Reading

33-In-1 Golf Club

So your truck never offers enough space for more than two golf clubs? That no long matters as …Continue Reading

Bathrooms That Cleverly Save Your Space.

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Accordion Package

The problem that canned instant noodle still takes up too much space has for a long time bothered …Continue Reading

Alex Bottle With Separated Bodies

Three separated halves have made the Alex Bottle quite unique among the same kind products on market. Its …Continue Reading

Big-Wheeled Folding Bike Has No Chain.

It is true that the big-wheeled bicycle seems quite odd at the first sight, but you may find …Continue Reading

Flexible Waste Basket

We humans are really clever: we put our foot into the waste basket to compress the discarded paper, …Continue Reading

New Bathtub That Hides Storage Systems

When an ordinary bathtub is built with extra storage systems on sides, we bet you would feel rather …Continue Reading

My Tables Can Fold Into The Wall.

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Fold Up Your Bathroom?!

Folding up the bathroom? That seems like an impossible task. But here on I New Idea we believe …Continue Reading


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“Pop-Up” For Public Spaces

The future of furniture has arrived! Thanks to the two Dutch designers Carmela Bogman and Rogier Martens, we …Continue Reading

Nesting Knives

The cabinets in your kitchen are still too crowded, full of various types of cooking utensils? See here, …Continue Reading

Foldable Basket

Another product inspired by the origami art鈥esigned by Takashi Houjo, the basket would change into a floor mat …Continue Reading

Puma New Shoe Box

The ‘Clever Little Bag’, a collaborative work between yves behar / fuse project and Puma, was invented as …Continue Reading

Slide Aluminum Sofa

Soaring prices of urban apartments have forced the citizens to choose small residence and make a full use …Continue Reading

Protect The Earth and Choose Eco Coke!

“Same classic taste, but greener”, with that in mind, Andrew Kim has come up with a new series …Continue Reading

Compact Kitchen Cart

Designed by Benjamin Wojtyna, Compact Kitchen Cart is quite ideal for small departments and other small living areas, …Continue Reading

Piano Table

In my humble opinion, the design seems like a terrible idea, resulting needless complexity since the piano may …Continue Reading

Electric Bike Concept

Look! This new electric bike seems like a slab. It generates the power from a Lithium-ion Battery, which …Continue Reading

Brain Cube

Aimed at small apartments and other living areas where full-size furniture is not welcome, the Brain Cube is …Continue Reading

Multiple Chair

Coming from Jie-Jyun Lyu, the Multiple Chair is aimed at small living areas where full-size furniture is not …Continue Reading

Marguerite Bike Parking loves blossoming.

The ‘Marguerite Bike Parking’ designed by Yoann Henry Yvon Lopez may be the most poetic bike stand we鈥檝e …Continue Reading

Compact Urban Personal Electric Scooter

The newly launched electric vehicle is aimed at big cities and other places where the streets are always …Continue Reading

Stackable Bottle

Have the water bottles taken up too much space of your tiny departments? Luckily you can pile them …Continue Reading

Puj Infant Sink Tub

The mini tub especially aims at moms and dads living in tiny apartments. It fits in perfect to …Continue Reading

Electrolux Double-O hides an extra cooking space.

If you love cooking then I鈥檓 sure you have a great collection of cookers: frying pan, stock pot, …Continue Reading


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A compact Bathroom

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Foldable Workstation

The Hinge Workstation by Knot Design is quite easy-going, as it can be completely folded up to merely …Continue Reading

Tamrac鈥檚 new ZipShot tripod

Do not look down on the role Tamrac鈥檚 new ZipShot tripod can play. Exactly it is an ultra …Continue Reading

One-foot Stairs

How long can you balance on one foot? The moment I saw the special wooden stair, that question …Continue Reading

Suburban Train

Say, what is the greatest difference between suburbs聽and cities? The suburbs聽are much opener, right? Open field, open waters, …Continue Reading

Vertical parking system

Nowadays, because of the increasing number of the cars in limited space, parking is becoming one of the …Continue Reading

Flat Lamp Asks No Extra Space

Although it seems quite flat, this lamp鈥檚 two LEDs can bring necessary to your daily lives. On the …Continue Reading

鈥楾RI鈥 Chair

What does a 鈥楾RI鈥 Chair mean? Light-weight, small-size, space-saving and easily portable, but is that all? Perhaps not, …Continue Reading

All-In-One Credit Card

As we are faced with more and more troubles that are caused by various credit cards filled in …Continue Reading

Folding Airer

Generally, out of consideration for energy conservation, it is a good choice to dry up clothes with nature …Continue Reading

Shadow and Wind Shelter for Beach Users

Creativity makes something ordinary special, like the Shadow and Wind Shelter for Beach Users. Constructed with nylon, polypropylene …Continue Reading

Reinvention Of The Wheel

Aiming at space-saving and easy-taking, folding bicycle designers have been doing their best to come up with amazing …Continue Reading

Sun-powered Clothes Dryer

We love sunshine, because we love warmth and we love the sweet smell left in our clothes when …Continue Reading