This 3D Printing Tech Enables Objects to “Talk”

Disney’s newly developed 3D-printing technology makes objects that can “talk”, whose “voice” does not emit from a sound-emitting …Continue Reading

Adjustable Bowl Speaker

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Sexy Stiletto Speaker Shoes

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Truly Eco-friendly iPhone Speaker Amplifier

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Ultrathin Boom-box

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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iShower Bluetooth-enabled Shower Speaker

Announced to debut at CES 2012, the iShower is a Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker that can connect to iPad, …Continue Reading

Audio Wrap Bag

Audio Wrap is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bag wrapped with flexible speaker on the surface, …Continue Reading

Wireless Speaker Light Bulbs

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Angry Birds Speakers

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銆怐IY銆慒abric Speakers

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An Awesome Collection of Speakers

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Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras, Or?

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Creative Suitcase Speakers

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What’s this?

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Glass Speakers

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Thank You For Your Attention!

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“flOw” Interactive Wireless Speakers

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Water-powered WaveTower Speaker

Can the water tower be used for any other purpose? Just come in and check it out鈥

Ezison 100 changes your IPhone into an electric guitar.

Ezison 100 is a portable speaker especially designed for iPhone and iPod Touch. Claimed by the Japan-based Bird …Continue Reading

FILS Sound Film

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Share the Music!

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Disney Speaker

Disney is romantic, pink is romantic, prince is romantic and the speaker is ultra romantic as it comes …Continue Reading

鈥楽pica鈥 Loudspeaker

Claiming to produce an illuminating sound-space, 鈥楽pica鈥 is a new gadget shown during the Tokyo Design Week 09. …Continue Reading


Wow, if not knowing clearly that Crayon Shin Chan is merely a cartoon聽character, I鈥檒l surely treat the Asspeaker …Continue Reading

Mint Radio

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Quackie CD Player

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Nifty Radio

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Sunny Song

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Music Cage

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Cute Speakers

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Interactive Hi-Fi System

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Mint Horn

In the action movie 鈥淜ung Fu鈥, the classical scene in which the female charterer bellow and shout with …Continue Reading

Wall-Mounted Speaker

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Speaker Modules

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Solar Sound Bluetooth Speaker

The solar sound bluetooth speaker is powered by the solar panel on its top, which will last for …Continue Reading

Speech Bubble Speaker

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Shutter-like Speaker

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Equalizer speaker

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See the sound with the speaker!

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‘Rocking on the Beach’ Chairs

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Touch Screen Mirror

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Bamboo speaker

Natural sound is perfect than any artificial one, but most of us can not get it at home. …Continue Reading

iSleep Pillow

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Interactive shelf speaker

The shelf speaker we mentioned in daily life is a speaker which could directly fit for your shelf, …Continue Reading

i-Spin dancing speaker

Similar to Sony Rolly, this speaker from Segatoys can also dance with the beats. Video after the jump

Square CD

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Clarion speaker

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Huge iPod earbuds

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iPod Box speaker

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