Treadwall for climbing at home

Treadwall for climbing at home How do you like the idea of climbing at home? Treadwall makes it …Continue Reading

Glider inspired gravity bike

This gravity bike has no chain or pedals but can reach a speed of up to 60 mph …Continue Reading

Descender Skateboard

“Descender”, announced as “the very first of its kind”, is an innovative piece of sport equipment that’s really …Continue Reading

Dual Snowboards

Dividing one skateboard into two separate ones, this “Dual Skateboard” will bring the users a more exciting experience, …Continue Reading

Louis Garneau Carbon Pro Team Shoes

Especially designed for professional cyclists who usually need to exercise and contest in different climatic conditions, the Louis …Continue Reading

Troika Workout Towel Sweat-Trap

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Polara Ultimate Straight Self Correcting Golf Balls

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Razor eSpark Electric Scooter

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Razor Graffiti Chalk Scooter

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Bike Scooters

The Sbyke was firstly revealed at the 2011 International Toy Fair in New York, and it was designed …Continue Reading

Swimming Back Boards

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Indoor Skydiving

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GymyGym Fitness Chair

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Before You Buy Your Kids a Pedometer.

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The Most Comfortable High Heel?

High heels make ladies more beautiful and sport shoes make them much healthier, so the new high heels …Continue Reading

DarkFin Gloves

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Water Skiing Chair

See what happens when the players no longer stand on their feet but simply sit on a chair …Continue Reading

Hydrodome BOB Breathing Observation Bubble

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Circular Tennis Table By JAM

We seem to have seen that Ping Pang is not merely a game for two or four people, …Continue Reading

Sergio Garcia’s Tricycles

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[Video] World’s Largest Skateboard

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Private Swimming Pool Inside the Wide Sea

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Referee Third Eye Watch Concept

The England were struck by an injustice and they left the World Cup; Villa’s fourth goal of this …Continue Reading

World’s First Solar Powered Football

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Neptune Prosthetic Legs Help the Disabled To Swim

Neptune is a functional prosthetic leg designed to help the disabled people swim as well as normal person …Continue Reading

Chalk Ping Pong Table for Puma

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AquaClimb: A Climbing Wall for Pools

I had never thought that the swimming pools would need an extra wall one day. I mean, the …Continue Reading

Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bags

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Treadmill on Wheels

Treadmill is a normal machine helping us to reduce the weight, but the drawbacks? Wow, you’ve lost the …Continue Reading

Enjoy Skating more with Chariot Wheels!

I’m not a man good at maintaining stability, so skating and roller skates聽are just something I couldn’t handle …Continue Reading

NordicTrack x7i Interactive Incline Trainer

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CTRUS is the world’s first football you can see through.

Though claimed to be the first football you can see through on the earth, the transparent design is …Continue Reading

A Bike with a Spokeless Rear Wheel

Possibly nobody could figure out why the Yale mechanical engineering students designed the weird bike with a spokeless …Continue Reading


The ‘Wirebike’ 聽is an interesting bike from Polish designer Michal Gorzynski. It works in a similar way as …Continue Reading

House On the Water

Though claimed as a yacht, the design is more like a house on the water, cruising at a …Continue Reading

Peugeot B1K is a bicycle that doesn’t have a handlebar.

You love the bicycle, right? Sadly it is only an interesting concept issued by Peugeot. Anyhow, it still …Continue Reading

Jumping rope? Battery charger!

Still remember the Jumping Light? Similarly, the battery charger designed by Jooyong Kim and Sungkyung Kim also makes …Continue Reading

Magnetic Dumbbell by Sang-Hoon Lee

Mike has six perfect abdominal muscles and that鈥檚 a real feather in his cap. You want to be …Continue Reading

Air Board

Compared to the scooter used in the Beijing Olympic Games, this hovercraft seems much cooler, as the tools …Continue Reading

鈥楧efective鈥 Bicycle

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Brodmann Blades Ping-Pong Set

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Gyro-wheel Bicycle

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Well, though commonly taken for a mini CD player, the kettle-shaped device is actually a piece of fitness …Continue Reading

Bowler Rink

No matter you like it or not, bowling is one of the most influencing sports that you could …Continue Reading

Grow Bike

I don’t know whether or not the designer has a sentimental attachment to his bicycle used in childhood, …Continue Reading

Multi-seated Sled

From Turkey, the multi-seated sled is made up of several separate ones to add more fun to our …Continue Reading

Bottle Biner

Except to crack open a bottle, the bottle biner also can assistant you to climb up a high …Continue Reading

Pulley Booster

The pulley booster, from Israel, may help the rollerblades to experience different joys by easily increasing their speed …Continue Reading

Heels on wheels

This is a crazy idea, you should pay more attention to your ankles while riding on them.