Petal Paperclip Holder

For all those who are used to keeping their documents neat with a paperclip but feel bad about …Continue Reading

Safety Cutter, Cut Safely!

Only the God knows how much I needed the Safety Cutter鈥擨’ve had more than three finger-cuts on my …Continue Reading

Take-out Memo

When arguing about the must-haves in the office, we found that most people voted for coffee and memo …Continue Reading

Book Ring

A ring that features a mini book to record your sweet time. Or a book that comes with …Continue Reading

Re-Knife Pencil Knife

At first glance, the Re-Knife Pencil Knife seems like a terrible idea, featuring something that we seldom use. …Continue Reading

Five Pointed Eraser

At the first glance, Five Pointed Eraser seems like a terrible idea, bringing needless complexity to something that …Continue Reading

Paper Pencils

Made from 100% recycled paper, these pencils, with environment protection as the main concept, aims to enlighten the …Continue Reading

Funnel Sharp Pencil

Taking the mechanical pencil to a new altitude, designers Hoyoung Lee, Youngwoo Park and Jungmin Park have collaborated …Continue Reading

To Do Tatoos

Dose anybody become obsessed with shoddy short-term memory? Here is the perfect solution, the to-do Tattoo kit.

Sprout Pen Concept

May it have you feel disappointed or not, I’d still like to declare that the ‘Sprout’ Pen is …Continue Reading

Luxirare Edible Crayons

Can crayons be used for any other purposes? My answer is: taking them as food and eating them …Continue Reading

1+1=1 Pencil Connector

You’ll find it difficult to hold the pencils as they become shorter and shorter. So what will you …Continue Reading

Creative coats and hats for your books!

You needn鈥檛 have to search for matched bookmarks for your book covers, they鈥檙e already there. Just as the …Continue Reading

Mr. Skull

Whether you admit it or not, some of us just adore the monstrous stuffs, and the designers also …Continue Reading

Whale Bookmark

Where is the little whale? Wow, it has been totally absorbed by the interesting story in the book! …Continue Reading

Motherboard Ruler

Even though you haven鈥檛 noticed the title, at first sight, you could still recognize that the ruler is …Continue Reading

Ruler Pen

Hmmmm鈥ave you had any similar experiences before? Perhaps we were all him (the person in the pictures) at …Continue Reading

Biting Stapler

Mr. Big, want to bite, and right here is our protagonist, the biting stapler. He is a new …Continue Reading


For those who are lack of in-built talent, but still yearn for drawing neatly, this ScrabbleBot is a …Continue Reading

Feelor Touch the Color

Intended as a teaching aid for the blind, preschool children, Feelor Touch the Color is a new set …Continue Reading

Tenso Paper Clip

Yes, the paper clips do look as same as ordinary ones and they would really be that ordinary …Continue Reading

Shake Shake Radio Pen

Based on Faraday鈥檚 Laws of Induction, the musical pen from China can generate power and store it in …Continue Reading

Environmentally-friendly Pen

Environmentalism has become a mainstream all over the world, and the shell of the environmentally-friendly pen is made …Continue Reading

Sharpener Ring

To people who still use regular old pencils, the pencil sharpener ring possibly could work as both a …Continue Reading

Magnetic bookend

This product, which dubbed Hummingbird Magnetic Bookend, seems like a magic. Except for a the hummingbird, you do …Continue Reading

A Clips

This plural means one clip functioning as multiple ones, though it seems like a single clip. Thanks to …Continue Reading

The butterfly pen

The butterfly knife is very popular, but it seems not very safe, especially for kids. If your kids …Continue Reading

Paper E-mail

E-mail make our life, especially communication, more convenient. Nevertheless, this kind of convenience also brings us with some …Continue Reading

Cat pencil sharper

Just insert the pencil into the asshole of the cat, it will start MEEOOWW. Video after the break.

Spy pen

This pen uses the ink which will be read only under ultra-violet light and it鈥檚 shredder could even …Continue Reading

Napkin Notebook

This is actually a two-in-one notebook which allows you to write your idea any time without taking a …Continue Reading

Y-shaped pen

This Y shaped pen is a ergonomic one. The unique design allows the pen to support the weight …Continue Reading

Free ride pen

It is said this is the most comfortable ballpen in the world? Plus, it鈥檚 really expensive, which cost …Continue Reading

Mr. P notepaper

Hey, you know whatm, I don鈥檛 know what to say, but Mr.P is always funny. Plug a pen …Continue Reading

Clip pencil

Clipping graphite in it, this pencil could save much wood.

Sweet notebook

Take notes in this notebook must be soooo sweety!

Mini cooling fan Pen

Adding a fan at the end of pen, you will be cooler while writing in summer.

Grass pen holder

Put your pens in the holder surrounded by grass, you gonna have extra green from your office desk.

What鈥檚 this?

Matches? Absolutely not. So what鈥檚 this?

What鈥檚 this?

A crumpled paper? Just throw it out. No,no, it鈥檚 not so easy.

ColorCutter鈥攎arker with a blade

Put a knife inside a marker, so you can cut paper while drawing.