Sushi Trucks

Japanese artists made these miniature food trucks that can deliver delicious sushi. Adorable and interesting, aren鈥檛 they?

Sushi 鈥楶aintings鈥

A sushi chef in Tokyo embedded some visualization into this delicious Japanese food with common ingredients. When slicing …Continue Reading

Rice Cube Maker

Compress rice or food into cubes, this revolutionary rice cube maker quickly squashes ingredients into perfect unique sushi!

The Shark Sushi Plate

It is sure to make you think feeding sharks when taking first look at these images! In fact, …Continue Reading

Sushi Stapler

Make sure that your time spent with books and documents is as pleasant as that with nice food …Continue Reading

Sushi Baby Booties

Obviously the pleasant taste and especially delicate appearance have made Sushi rather popular with designers, and they have …Continue Reading

Anpanman Bento Machine

Nowadays, sushi bars are everywhere and most people love sushi a lot. Surely you don鈥檛 have necessary skills …Continue Reading

Sushi Clock

As an old saying in china goes, food always comes first, and that鈥檚 just what the sushi clock …Continue Reading

Obama sushi

This is designed by Japanese sushi chef Ken Kawasumi, if you like President Obama, you are gonna like …Continue Reading

Sushi soap

Although you鈥檙e sushi addict, it is still incredible to eat sushi while showering. Don鈥檛 worry, however, because it …Continue Reading