What’s this?

You could guess it already from the scene, right? So you guys believe that’s a creative brush? Well, …Continue Reading

Clean your keyboard with more convenience

You know the fact that the average computer keyboard is proven to accumulate more germs than a public …Continue Reading

Lighted broom

With a 6 watt low-energy bulb, this broom will be helpful when you wanna cleaning in the dark …Continue Reading

2 in 1 trash

Sweeping trash is not a new design, but this gadget has a individual sweeper. The 18 liter trash …Continue Reading

Dustpan with a built-in vacuum

After sweeping the larger debris onboard, the built-in vacuum could suck the dirt in. In this way, your …Continue Reading

Clean glove

Scotch-Brite Sponge is pretty familiar for housewives. But this glove version might be a good alternative. Just wear …Continue Reading

Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

You can clean you house while walking by wearing this pair of slippers.

Foot-dustpan without stooping down

This is not only a product for lazy man but also for those with waist problem.

What鈥檚 this?

A lamp, but not only use for lighting, it could also be a 鈥

Cute Sweeper

With this kind of cute sweepers, everybody gonna like to use it, accordingly, your desk gotta be cleaner.