Playful Seesaw Table

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Corner Shelf

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DIY Mirror & Table

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Roof Furniture

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Minimalist Table with A Replica of Goldfish in It

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A Table with Built-in Solar Panel

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A Bicycle&Table Hybrid That Generates Power

By pedaling the bicycle, an adult can generate 100 watt electricity that is enough to power one’s laptop. …Continue Reading

Hidden Furniture

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Sweeties Furniture

People get to know furniture by similar means of knowing sugary treats, such as discovering its texture, smell …Continue Reading

Woodsman Axe Dining Table

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World鈥檚 Lightest Timber Table

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Sparkle Cocktail Table

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Birds Under Your Table

The under-table cage not only provides a larger room for your birds but also adds some picturesque poetry …Continue Reading

Kai Table with Lots of Storage Spaces

Kai Table is a table you can sit down onto it to have a rest, the body has …Continue Reading

Using a bank note to balance your wobbling table?

Here is a real-size and PVC printed bank note used for balancing your table. Designed by Enrique Luis …Continue Reading

Kaikuuu01鈥攖he wireless music streaming table

Kaikuuu01 looks like an ordinary table, but it can play music wirelessly from your iPhone via Apple鈥檚 AirPlay. …Continue Reading

Baby in Table

This is a table in which a baby can enter and sit on. It is designed to hold …Continue Reading

The Swing Dining Table

This swing dining table has an exceptionally cool structure. It suspends eight chairs so you can swing freely. …Continue Reading

Menu Pin Tables

Push and pin, even though that’s what you usually do with drawing pins, this time you can use …Continue Reading

Post-it Table

Combining post-it stickers and tables together, Italian team Soup Studio has created this Post-it Table for architects, designers, …Continue Reading

Offset Table System

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Cassette Tape Table

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SkyDeck Table

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Pic Nic Pants

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Multifunctional Little Frog

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Earthquake-proof Table

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Sensei Chair/Table Set

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Sod-Covered picNYC Table

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Wood Rings Tables

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Alphabet Furniture

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Compact Caf茅 Table

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Tablecloth? Table!

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Cricket Forge Leaf Bench and Leaf Table Set

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Tomm Velthius’ Train Table

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Chain-shaped Coffee Table

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Poker Table For Poker Play

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Walking Table

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Rubix Transformer Furniture Set

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Painting Tables

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Vitra Kuubo Office Meeting Table

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Rubber Table

Don’t realize how ordinary your table is because you never have a better alternative? Then have a look …Continue Reading


RockPaperRobot’s FLOAT was brought to our notice due to its changing shapes. Constructed from 64 magnetically levitating cubes, …Continue Reading

The Dressed Up Furniture

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Lost In Sofa Chair

Who would ever know what you’ll find between or underneath the sofa cushions? A coin, a remote controller …Continue Reading

iPad-equipped Salsa Table

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Rotating Squares Table

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Ripple Effect Tea Table

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“Somnys” Multiuse Furniture

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Table Set Design

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“Slide Eat” Lunch Table

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