My Tables Can Fold Into The Wall.

Tables are needed furniture but they’re usually also bulky, so you have to dedicate quite a large amount …Continue Reading

Happy Window, Happy View

On a fine afternoon, put the books aside, open the Happy Window and have a pleasant chatting with …Continue Reading

OASIS Folding Table and Chairs

The 2010 summer is wonderful enough to be memorable鈥攚e sit under the open sky, breath in the fresh …Continue Reading

Occo Multiuse Seat

We bet nobody would refuse the Occo, if he/she wants to live a both convenient and comfortable life. …Continue Reading

Loftbox 101 Space Creator

Here at I New Idea we know that everyone likes smart but also unique designs. Then the Loftbox …Continue Reading

Firefly Table

Inspired by the beautiful fireflies sparking in the gardens on summer nights, Vuk Dragovic has come up with …Continue Reading

Bright Woods’ Collection of Illuminated Chairs And Tables

Showcased at Milan Design Week, the Bright Woods’ Collection of Illuminated Chairs and Tables have drawn the visitors’ …Continue Reading

La Gota Table by Timothy Emmott

Similar to the Easy-packing Table we introduced before, the La Gota Table by Timothy Emmott also aims to …Continue Reading

The ‘aTable’ Hides Electrical Wires In Its Legs.

Unless you have a system worked out, you no doubt know clearly that you have to keep everything …Continue Reading

Convertible Bamboo Table for Small Apartments

Have you noticed that the limited urban environment has greatly inspired the designers’ creativity, coz they keep sending …Continue Reading

Multi-functional Furniture for Kids

Your little boys want a changing table to showcase their Transformers, his cute girls ask for enough drawers …Continue Reading

Compact Kitchen Cart

Designed by Benjamin Wojtyna, Compact Kitchen Cart is quite ideal for small departments and other small living areas, …Continue Reading

Piano Table

In my humble opinion, the design seems like a terrible idea, resulting needless complexity since the piano may …Continue Reading

‘Pavone’ Transformable Furniture

Showcased at the Fifth Annual Competition SaloneSatellite WorldWide held in Moscow, the ‘Pavone’ furniture has attracted much attention, …Continue Reading

Noteput Music Table

If you think only certain instruments like the guitars and pianos could clearly show us how music is …Continue Reading

‘Harvest’ by Asif Khan

Showcased at the Design Museum London, ‘Harvest’ is an installation of chairs and tables made of Gypsophila plant, …Continue Reading

Shelf Made

Creative Factor: The ergonomics of the furniture and the stability. You know those movable chairs, tables and stools …Continue Reading

Communicative Coffee Table

Do you need a notepad to write down your thoughts and messages, or to communicate with your friends …Continue Reading

Low Table+ Cat Bed

I cannot think of a rational reason why Koichi Futatsumata has designed the low table that also functions …Continue Reading

鈥楢lso Chair鈥 by Akin Bacioglu

This is a multifunctional piece of furniture named as ‘Also Chair’. It is an armchair that could be …Continue Reading

Transformable Coffee Table

A coffee table then and a dinning table now, it鈥檚 actually merely one table that functions in two …Continue Reading

Swivel Car Tray

In-car Video Game, In-car PC, as well as the Swivel Car Tray, seemingly these products are gradually changing …Continue Reading

Who blew these bubbles?

Almost every kid loves to blow bubbles a lot, e.g. by blowing onto a film of soapy water. …Continue Reading

PowerPost by Choi Won Seok and Kim Do Yeop

You will need electric outlets everywhere at the workplace, e.g. behind the refrigerator, the stove, and behind the …Continue Reading

Petal Table

You must have noticed those five interesting legs of the table, as all of them are shaped like …Continue Reading

Integrated Dinning Table

Such a dinning table is simple to make鈥 you have to prepare a huge board, cut four holes …Continue Reading

Look, the table is peeing.

What? With 2920 dollars we can merely buy one table? That sounds really crazy, but you should have …Continue Reading

Hexagon Collector鈥檚 Table

Well, just another table introduced by I New Idea鈥asn鈥檛 that hit you too at the first glance? Mm, …Continue Reading

Letters are everywhere in the life

Imagination bridges the gap between the letters and human. Conceived by the American graphic designer Andrew Byrom, letters …Continue Reading

Fold up the lamp!

Used as seen, the hanging book is actually a lamp for reading, and you may fold the lamp …Continue Reading

鈥極fficial Playground鈥檈nsures you a personal space for meetings

KFC has a children鈥檚 playground for fitness and amusement, but what does our library have? Rows of books聽and …Continue Reading

Table 鈥1915鈥

Teruhiro Yanagihara is a space designer from Japan and his greatest passion is to design interior products that …Continue Reading

Subconscious Effect of Daylight

I鈥檝e guessed that Daniel Rybakken is definitely a guy that loves the nature too much to design this …Continue Reading

Extendable Lulatsch Table

Believe it or not, my table here will always satisfy you, wherever you鈥檙e living, a spacious聽apartment or a …Continue Reading

Handmade Marbles Table

Barbie dolls, building blocks, marbles, so many things聽have faded out聽as we grow up while we鈥檙e still trying to …Continue Reading

See-through Table

This table is specially designed for a cleaner workplace, as you no longer need to rummage all over …Continue Reading

Sleepy Lagoon

What in hell is wrong with the table? There鈥檚 so big a crack聽in it! Please don鈥檛 feel sorry …Continue Reading

Green Table

Yes, I know the Green Table is not the only way to improve indoor air, but you鈥檙e sure …Continue Reading

John Green鈥檚 Embrace

Dubbed 鈥淛ohn Green鈥檚 Embrace鈥, the simple furniture is created with a multipurpose. Either you want a book-shelf, a …Continue Reading

Obscura Cue-light Pool Table

Yea billiards is of great fun but you may have expected it to be more exciting, right? So …Continue Reading

Colorful Workbench

What a splendid work the Swiss designer has brought to us, and thank you Matthias Pugin! Not like …Continue Reading

Hidden Drawers

Although seemingly ordinary at the first glance, this table tends to be attractive in its unique way to …Continue Reading

Cheese PC Table

Woo-woo, perhaps we may regard the new study furniture as the cheese from a popular work 鈥淲ho Moved …Continue Reading

Coffee Table with an Electric Radiator

Disguised as an ordinary coffee table, the simple furniture is also a radiator that is hidden in the …Continue Reading

Folding Worktable

This is a folding worktable that you cannot enjoy its magic design completely unless you have your own …Continue Reading

Easy-packing Table

Good news for dead beat聽! To allow you to tidy up your workbench in just few seconds especially …Continue Reading

Clamp Table

This is a set of table clamps for kinds of table tops, no matter it鈥檚 a wooden one, …Continue Reading

Compass Table

Best gift for children and adventurer! The table, though it looks as ordinary as others, actually could tell …Continue Reading

Record Sleeve Table and Syringe Chandelier

So ordinary! On the first sight of the furniture, you may have the same feeling as I do. …Continue Reading

Multifunctional Picnic Bag

Different from others, the picnic backpack hides a mini table between two separate bags, which is quite convenient …Continue Reading