Napkin Zoo for Dining Table

Napkin rings are small objects but still can represent something more, the animal ears shaped rings feature the …Continue Reading

Optical Illusion Distortion Tableware Mat

This tableware mat creates an optical illusion of a distorted space where the fork and spoon is put …Continue Reading

Tilt Tableware

After tapering the bottom of tableware, the designer adds a good looking cross-axis-shaped steel cable and cork to …Continue Reading

DIY Kid Plates

While most parents and teachers are trying to stop kids playing with their food, designer Alexis Birkmeyer is …Continue Reading

Lunar Crater Plates

There’s always one reason you love the lunar craters: to the scientists, they’re mysterious part of the Moon …Continue Reading

Augmented Reality Ceramics

Never stop your imagination about the augmented reality world: after a series of inventions and designs based on …Continue Reading

Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks

Speed up, speed up, when using these Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks to enjoy your lunch, you may feel …Continue Reading

Stay-put Bowls and Spoons

Babies are just naughty, and they never seem to obey what you tell them while still act in …Continue Reading

30-degree Slope Bowl

Another design that we would say “why nobody has come up with it earlier”鈥 It is the 30-degree …Continue Reading

HALO Heating Spoon

Busy office time. About 50 minutes ago you made a hot cup of coffee, but what happened then? …Continue Reading

Animals in Bowls

Would like to try anything special each morning? Start your unique life with these stunning ceramic bowls by …Continue Reading

Cin Cin Glasses

In China, the bride and groom are expected to drink “cross-cupped wine” from one another’s glasses on their …Continue Reading

Origami Table Placements

After meals, fold these table placements into cute animals and hold an animal-themed party with your kids.

Ashtray Coffee Mugs

Alcohol and tobacco are both highly addictive substances to many people and they will feel it really hard …Continue Reading

Musical Glasses

They’re not ordinary glasses as they look. With detailed calibration on their bodies, these glasses can be used …Continue Reading

Lickety Spoon

Spoons for kids are far more important than serving tools, because a unique and attractive spoon may become …Continue Reading

Rabbit Ears Salad Servers

Do you prefer vegetable salad, just as a rabbit may do? Whatever, having some vegetables is really helpful …Continue Reading

The Original Shirt Plate

Lazy men always need something special and this time they’ll no doubt get crazy with The Original Shirt …Continue Reading

Take Easy Bowls

Have to think to myself, what a simple but effective design! A bowl that has a wavelike base …Continue Reading

Cutlery Join

Imagine that, we now have a more interesting way to decorate our tables! When table knife, fork and …Continue Reading

Round Round Land Cup

Probably inspired by most people’s habit of spinning a cup when they enjoy coffee or tea, designers have …Continue Reading

Eclipse Steel Fruit Bowls

Although one person cannot be in two different places at one time, the Eclipse Steel Fruit Bowl could …Continue Reading

9 Cute Cup Mats

Cup mats, small gadgets that are usually ignored by people, actually also devote much to bringing us a …Continue Reading

Birdsnest Egg Cup

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Minor Miracle Mug

You’ll see an inspiring vision after finishing this cup of coffee… And if you’d like to know what …Continue Reading

Crank Coasters

Who would ever imagine that ugly metal cranks can be transformed into such cute cup coasters? Truly amazing. …Continue Reading

Four Cups? H2EAU-Carafe-and-Glass!

Seemingly everybody can perform magic for entertainment: these cups can still be filled with water when they’re upside …Continue Reading


Possibly next time you mail a postcard, you’d better have some tasty food along with it, coz these …Continue Reading


Have to think to myself… What a simple but practical idea! Simply adding a round button onto normal …Continue Reading

Show Off Your Little Hands!

Cute little hands designed for kids鈥 pudgy fingers… what a wonderful idea!

TA脟A Mug For Cookie

For the hundred times on I New Idea, proof that some of the awesome designs are simply usual …Continue Reading

Slim Coffee Cup

Apart from the young beauties, the ceramic molded cup designed by Israeli student Sharona Merlin also wants to …Continue Reading

In Out Bottle For Sugar

Despite that I’m one of those people聽who try to keep everything highly organized, I always leave my kitchen …Continue Reading

Mouth Pots

Wanna a big meal? Well, these creative pots designed by Thelermont Hupton would like to join you, too. …Continue Reading

Mood Mugs

Time to get up鈥攕omebody smiles, somebody knits his/her brows, and there’re also someone too sleepy to open their …Continue Reading

Stackable Cups

Clean and hygienic cups may be good for your health, but the large amount of electricity used to …Continue Reading

Head’s Up Juice Glasses

Hey, kids in front of the screen, see what we’ve prepared for you today鈥he “Head’s Up Juice Glasses”! …Continue Reading

Ginger Spoon

Still remember the ‘Eat your cutlery!’ 聽we introduced before? They’re ideal for those who prefer to have sweets …Continue Reading

Leaky Goblet

When I was pouring wine into the goblet, the weirdest thing happened: some water is leaking from the …Continue Reading

Sphere Tureen Soup Serving Dish

This is so weird an item that everyone would take it as a robot at the first glance! …Continue Reading

‘Dear Van Gogh’ Mug

Frankly, the mug has nothing to do with Van Gogh but the concept is rather intriguing. The Dear …Continue Reading

Pop-up Jungle Placemats

Spending too much time on preparing dinners, washing dishes and tidying up the rooms have made the mothers …Continue Reading

Lightscape Tableware

This is a creative set of painted porcelain vases and tablewares which have blurred the line between decoration …Continue Reading

Disposable Dinnerware

You think it鈥檚 a delicate set of tableware? You won鈥檛 think so after checking out the pictures below. …Continue Reading

Petal Condiment Bottles

Each time you use these petal-shaped condiment bottles, you will always feel like living in the beautiful nature鈥攊t …Continue Reading

Dinosaur Chopsticks

Parosaurolophus, T-Rex, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, etc, these cute dinosaurs have come to help you deal with boring noodles, kids! …Continue Reading

Make the napkins elegant on the table.

A person who loves perfection and simpleness will surely appreciate the 鈥楴apkin Twist鈥 designed by Tim Baute a …Continue Reading

Typographic Coasters

@, $, #, &, you couldn鈥檛 be more familiar with these, as they鈥檙e single font characters we often …Continue Reading

Eat your cutlery!

Um, the cake is so yummy聽that I鈥檇 even like to eat up my forks. Time and again, the …Continue Reading

Dirty Dish Mats

Since it鈥檚 difficult to keep desks absolutely clean, why don鈥檛 we just leave it dirty鈥ith desk mats like …Continue Reading