Hilarious Knee Horsey

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Lovable Toymail

Send voice messages to the kids via this adorable wifi-enabled toymail to improve the interaction. It turns your …Continue Reading

Tongue Dog Toy

An awesome fetch toy that looks like a stretched tongue, with a ball and a tongue made of …Continue Reading

Weerol: multifunctional toys that adapt to a child鈥檚 development

Toys are usually useful for a short period of time as children grow up. But Weerol are specially …Continue Reading

Necomimi – Mind-Controlled Cat Ears

Necomimi – Mind-Controlled Cat Ears is so cool. It has built-in sensors to detect your brain activity and …Continue Reading

Basement Finished by Remote-controlled Toys

A Canadian farmer named Joe has built a basement that costs him almost 7 years鈥hat’s really a long …Continue Reading

Mechanical Music Box

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you”, the classic “Happy Birthday” is now played by this mechanical …Continue Reading

RcSuperhero Flying Mechanism

Hey, what’s that up in the sky? Is it a superman? Not really, as it is RcSuperhero flying …Continue Reading

LEGO Animals in Bronx Zoo

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Three Dimensional Cube Kite

What’s this, a huge cube? Of course it is, but it’s exactly also a three dimensional kite formed …Continue Reading

Pinoky Gives Stuffed Animals Their Lives

Stuffed animals used to be inanimate toys that can only get moved by the humans; but now they …Continue Reading

Cardboard Cocorico Cooker

Hello little chefs before the screens, we’ve gotten some amazing toys for you: the Cardboard Cocorico Cooker. It …Continue Reading

Snow in a Can

No doubt you’re the one who can control the weather, but merely the snowy weather at the moment. …Continue Reading

Frolicat Bolt Laser Cat Toy

Your little kitten now can play its favorite “chasing” game with the Frolicat Bolt Laser Cat Toy. For …Continue Reading

Mini Desktop Computers

This Mini Desktop Computer must have tricked your eyes, as it looks like small toys on the picture. …Continue Reading

Baboo Clips

Usually adults and children are believed to view one same thing from totally different points. To adults, these …Continue Reading

5-in-1 Table Game

Foosball, ping pong, backgammon, chess and pool – you can play all those five games with merely one …Continue Reading

Mini Inflatables

Shine up your 2011summer with these Mini Inflatables! Here Mini convertibles are changed into inflatable beach toys that …Continue Reading

Camera Lens Cushions

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LEGO Concrete Building Blocks

LEGO again. This time the world famous toy company launches these hand cast concrete building blocks resembling standard …Continue Reading

Tomm Velthius’ Train Table

Tomm Velthius has successfully blurred the line between furniture and toys. He built many railway lines in a …Continue Reading

Cat Ears For Humans

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Playmobil Apple Store Playset

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Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kit

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Painting Tables

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Angry Birds, Here! Angry Birds, There!

Angry Birds are almost everywhere, and till now we can see them on cups, hats, cakes, toys, refrigerator …Continue Reading

Rubik’s Brain Sculpt

Use your brain to rebuild this brain! Designed by Jason Freeny, the Rubik’s Brain Sculpt will undoubtedly bring …Continue Reading

Air Swimmers

Already fed up with remote-controlled aircrafts? Have a try with the Air Swimmers then. They’re balloon fishes that …Continue Reading

Ji Ga Zo Puzzle

Ji Ga Zo is not an ordinary puzzle as what it looks. It can present anything you’d like …Continue Reading

Toy Racks

My little nephew Tony owns much interest in toy cars, and his cars used to lie around everywhere …Continue Reading

Esper Domino

The theory is that we usually need clever design and careful work if we’d like to successfully have …Continue Reading

Super-fantastic Huge Rubik’s Cube

Have a try with this huge magic cube that consists of 17 layers and 1539 components, and you’ll …Continue Reading

Lego Movie Show

Lego is here again and this time these classic toys come with a new look as those characters …Continue Reading

Tama-Robo Ball Robot

The Tama-Robo Ball Robot is recently quite popular in Japan and we bet it would soon find some …Continue Reading

‘Soft Gang’ By Creature Industry

Creature Industry’s Soft Gang is a new series of toys that would satisfy both the kids and their …Continue Reading

Movable Type Rubik’s Cube

Fascinated by Chinese characters and Rubik’s Cube, as many of us are, Taiwan artist聽Shaun Chung combines aesthetics with …Continue Reading

3D Drawing Pad

This 3D Drawing Pad offers you a unique painting experience, however it is not what you draw on …Continue Reading

Rubik’s Cube Bank

Although we’ve always been thinking that it is much easier to get money than to keep it, the …Continue Reading

Gear Wheel IQ Cube

Those who used to have a fun time with Rubik’s Cubes may have to go through a difficult …Continue Reading

Hydrogen-Powered Car

It is not merely a toy for fun, but also a teaching appliance聽that may tell you how a …Continue Reading

Lego Wedding Ring

A LEGO way to say “Yes, I do”. And the Lego wedding ring is unique enough to make …Continue Reading

Weird Communication Prosthesis

One, two, three, four, well, I can see clearly how many teeth you have with the help of …Continue Reading

Echo Keeps Your Secrets of Growth Up.

Everyone has a secret, and so do the kids. They’re growing up, learning something new from their parents …Continue Reading

SMS Slingshot Sends Text Messages Onto Walls.

I always thought of slingshot as a toy especially created for naughty boys, as we often saw young …Continue Reading

Kale Furniture Unit Can Transform Into Toys

Many things can conspire against parents when they try to ready their kids for the future, so one …Continue Reading

Tamiya Business Card Is Also a Sample Modeling Kit.

We never ceased to exploit new markets and expand the customer base, so we’ve kept sending our business …Continue Reading

Toy Guardian

Tzung-Yu Lu has designed the Toy Guardian as a new alternative to toy boxes. It is a monster …Continue Reading

Integrative Chair for Handicapped Kids

Ergonomically designed, the Integrative Chair aims at handicapped kids aging between three and six who need certain help …Continue Reading

Magnetic Thinking Putty

Each of the Magnetic Thinking Putty comes with millions of tiny micron-sized magnets inside, due to which the …Continue Reading

Run, Chairs, Run!

Thanks to Yu Kwang Soo and the Spiral Spring Chair, we may create a new game鈥攃hair racing. Similar …Continue Reading