Doggie Lamp

Ponderous furniture usually results a cold room, which would then make us feel so helpless and so lonely …Continue Reading

Teeter Ball

Welcome to the Teeter Ball! Featuring a disc with small balls and tracks inside as well as a …Continue Reading

An Upside Down Decanter

An upside down decanter by Sebastian Bergne, inspired by the stories of “Alice in wonderland”, not only beautiful, …Continue Reading

Monster Sofa

The project is the collaboration between Pieke and Innofa/Stretch Textiles, exhibiting at Ventura Lambrate, Milan Salone 2010. The …Continue Reading

Lightbotz by Marcus Tremonto

An America-based lighting designer Marcus Tremonto, who drew his inspiration from science fictions and video games, has designed …Continue Reading

Stickman Action Figure

You think your workstation presents no creativity? Possibly you need the Stickman Action Figure. Each 3″ tall, the …Continue Reading

Make an avatar of yourself!

Still feel excited about the movie ‘Avatar’? Well, here’s something may make you feel more excited. It is …Continue Reading

The $10,000 weapon won’t fire without the watch.

Launched by Armatix, the $10,000 weapon won’t fire unless the user is wearing a corresponding watch. But the …Continue Reading

Light-up Balloons

Though balloons cannot do much for you, they at least can ensure you a free chatting time with …Continue Reading

Nyago Rolling Cat Robot

Hello, everyone, we鈥檇 like to introduce you our new friend, the Nyago Cats, creative robotic toys from Japan鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Party Rats Finger Lights

Certainly most people would like to take the center stage聽of parties, and you’re one of them? If so, …Continue Reading

Wooden Building Blocks With Magnets

A little boy is piling up his building blocks, and the moment he finished his work, the building …Continue Reading

DIY a Pencil Crossbow

Everybody loves to DIY. No matter it is a cake, a book, or merely a toy, we鈥檙e all …Continue Reading

Control the ball with your brain.

Control a ball with brain? Oh, man, only if I had a super power, or that will never …Continue Reading

Kim The Talking Clock now comes into vogue.

Remember Carlo Collodi鈥檚 Pinocchio whose nose grows longer every time he tells a lie? This isn鈥檛 him, but …Continue Reading

Sound Track: An educational music toy for kids

Many parents believe that music benefits to the intellectual development of kids, and they鈥檝e been buying home music …Continue Reading

Lego& Muji Toy Collaboration

The paper toy is a latest series launched by the Japanese retailer Muji and the famous toy-maker Lego. …Continue Reading

Cup Communicator

鈥淗ello, this is saya, and who鈥檚 that?鈥 When we were still kids, most of us had the same …Continue Reading

Singing Bean Sprout

Who is Otamatone? Dressed in either white or black clothes, Otamatone is a cute instrument from Japan that …Continue Reading

Cute Dog Dolls

The lovely dog doll is not merely an ordinary toy for babies. Named as Sniff, the bionic dog, …Continue Reading

Space Football: Football gets visual

Due to digital technology, this visual space football may bring you with absolutely different feeling when you are …Continue Reading

Bling Teeth

Your smile is so sweet and I really appreciate it鈥.But wait, what鈥檚 wrong about your teeth? They鈥檙e so …Continue Reading

Sammy Boy

Anxiety, testiness, vanity, all such emotions are common especially in the high-stress society and we do need to …Continue Reading

Corn Cushion

Similar to the “Ctrl+Alt+Del Pillows“, this cushion is also a creative design, which looks just like a fresh …Continue Reading

Crayon Ring

Is there any child who doesn鈥檛 like painting with crayons? No. So these ring-shaped crayons must be the …Continue Reading

Football Tape

Whatever you choose to make a ball, by the football tape, you can get a football soon. It …Continue Reading

Magic roller

This roller comes with two magnetic snouts and so it can move along the track which is a …Continue Reading

Cotton candy bow

Marshmallow is a very popular candy. But in this design, it is not merely a candy but a …Continue Reading

Grass cutter for fun

Sure, grass cutting is boring. But you have to do this. Why not make it more funny? This …Continue Reading

Homestar Spa planetarium

Taking a bath gotta be one of the best relaxing ways after one day effort. If you need …Continue Reading

G-Dog 鈥 a robotic dog toy

I bet you you will like this cute dog, although it is a robot.

Funny trashcan robot

This trashcan-shaped robot can walk like a crab. Plus, its action is very funny. When you are bored, …Continue Reading

A toy MP3 player for kids

In order to make a unique MP3 player for a niche market, Sung-kyu Nam provides a design like …Continue Reading

i-Spin dancing speaker

Similar to Sony Rolly, this speaker from Segatoys can also dance with the beats. Video after the jump

Plastic bag animals

This is a weird dog designed by artist joshua allen harris. The dog will start to move like …Continue Reading

USB Punch Head

You hate your boss or somebody else? So, just try to punch this weird gadget. The punch gonna …Continue Reading

FMG-9 foldable submachine gun

It seems that this is only a flash light with a big black box. However, it will be …Continue Reading

i-Buddy MSN toy

Launching missile is pretty funny while chatting with your friend via MSN, however, it is a little bit …Continue Reading

Space Warp Desktop

This unique toy comes with glowing balls or chrome balls perpetually rotating on a clear track. In order …Continue Reading

USB exercising Dog

Plug this dog into the USB port of your computer, it will start high-speed-pumping on your machine. It鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Bow Shooting Boy Robot

This is a replica of the ancient Japanese robot in Edo period (1603-1867). It could get the bow …Continue Reading

USB owl

Sitting in front of the computer for a long time gonna be a boring thing, so you need …Continue Reading

Squirt slipper

Every time we mentioned squirt gun, it will sure in the shape of a gun. Therefore, if somebody …Continue Reading

Robotic dog

This is a perfect gift for those like dog but worry about the cleanness of their house. This …Continue Reading

ZFlyer hover jumper

This unique toy comes with a unique detecting system which allows you to control it by your gesture. …Continue Reading

Frog to prince

This is a magic gift for kid; it could reveal the whole process how frog transformed into a …Continue Reading

Multi-touch screen Rubiks Cube

Ribiks cube is one of the most popular games all over the world. However, it seems that this …Continue Reading

USB boxer

It is said that this is the most advanced USB toy in 2008. You could control it with …Continue Reading

R/C X-UFO toy

Flying toys are attractive both for children and grown-ups. You will get happiness and knowledge from the flying …Continue Reading

USB MSN missile launcher

MSN is good software to communicate with each other via internet. But you won鈥檛 have a real connection …Continue Reading