Tex-vest Human Traffic Light

With LEDs embedded, the conceptual jersey designed by Jaka Ple拧ec can display green, red and yellow colors and …Continue Reading

Future Urban Mobility for AUDI

At Design Miami 2011, Denmark-based BIG Architects and Kollision + Schmidhuber & Partner have collaborated to show us …Continue Reading

Sand Glass LED Traffic Lights

Thanva Tivawong wants to lead the traffic in a different way, with the help of the sand hour …Continue Reading

Arc Shape Crosswalk, Ergo Crosswalk

Having noticed that people seldom walk straight through regular pedestrian crossings, Korean designer Jae Min Lim designed the …Continue Reading

Comfort Zone Display

Seemingly the metro trains are always crowded, no matter at what time and from which platform we get …Continue Reading

Creative Zebra Crossings

The pedestrians’ street crossings always dress in white, reminding people to abide by the traffic regulations. But the …Continue Reading

Corner’s Communication Warning Sign

Surely no one would mind bumping into the other person if they fortuitously found their Mr. Right or …Continue Reading

Compact Urban Personal Electric Scooter

The newly launched electric vehicle is aimed at big cities and other places where the streets are always …Continue Reading

Car Plate Blocker

Hey, is there any policeman in front of the screen? As the product we’re to introduce today is …Continue Reading

Bike Lanes in the Sky

I鈥檓 sure some of you already had this idea but designer Martin Angelov beat you all to it …Continue Reading

Light Lane

Can you imagine a bike could draw a lane on the road automatically as you ride it? With …Continue Reading

Self-powered Safe Hump

Whenever asked what road humps are designed for, we will refer to its important functions in reducing traffic …Continue Reading

Illuminated Air Crosswalk is expected to be firstly built in Russia.

Have you ever seen any crosswalks built in the air? I mean, that鈥檚 really a crazy idea, as …Continue Reading

Innovative Laser Crosswalk Concept

If you鈥檙e like us then you hate the terrible traffic which is not safe enough for either drivers …Continue Reading

Eco Sign

Are you lost again? Turn to the nearest manhole for help then. I鈥檓 not kidding as we鈥檙e showing …Continue Reading

The hand Window sign

If you want to deliver information to the car behind you, this product will be a good choice. …Continue Reading

Virtual Red Wall

Red light means you have to stop to wait for walkers. However, there always been some evil drivers …Continue Reading

Color changing pavement

In order to warn drivers about the potential dangerous in winter, especially when the surface temperature of the …Continue Reading

Love light

This is brilliant idea from Dutch designer Anke Weiss. He uses circular stickers with heart-shaped cutouts to turn …Continue Reading

Turning light on wrist

In order to be safer when driving in dark, we need turning light for bike. Here鈥檚 a good …Continue Reading

Pre-crash safety system from Toyota

Drowsy driving is fairly dangerous, thus, there鈥檙e more and more safety systems in vehicles. However, I bet you …Continue Reading

Hurry up–Animated pedestrian crossing light

If you鈥檙e not sensitive to the color changing and the remaining time of the crossing light, you gotta …Continue Reading

Melody road in Japan

Do you believe that a road could play music? This road in Japan which is cut into several …Continue Reading

Solar road

Scott Brusaw, a American electrical engineer have developed a system which could generate power by the built-in solar …Continue Reading

Lift car

You feel bad in traffic jam? This car jeep gonna give you broader view with the help of …Continue Reading

Self-inflating Traffic cone

Different from other traffic cone, this one is self-inflating, self-lighting. Therefore, it鈥檚 more convenient and more effective.