Transformable Pad for Lazy Living

This is a great invention by design company Oradaria Design. It can transform easily to function as a …Continue Reading

Offset Table System

Simply but cleverly designed, the ‘Offset Table System’ from Tom谩s Alonso allows for different combinations of accessories on …Continue Reading

Seesaw Bench

Among so so many convertible furniture designs, the Seesaw Bench from Dirk Ploos van Amstel has successfully caught …Continue Reading

Multifunctional Little Frog

Made with earth-friendly wood materials, these little frogs can serve in three different ways, acting as an arm …Continue Reading

Convertible Rocking Cradle

As your little babies grow up day by day, their cradles are no more needed but simply left …Continue Reading

“Watpack” Pet Shelter

“Watpack” is a pet shelter concept that can be molded into various desired shapes to offer your pets …Continue Reading

Transformable Tube Chandelier

Chemistry and art are two separate words that seemingly would never have any connections, but designer Pani Jurek’s …Continue Reading

Dubbel Duffel Travel Bag

Dubbel Duffel is a travel bag that can unzip to double its carrying capacity. It greatly meets the …Continue Reading

Transformable Stand Sleeve for iPad

Love playing with your iPad, but never mind what kind of sleeve or stand it is using? No, …Continue Reading

Sensei Chair/Table Set

For small-apartment owners, the space-saving and multifunctional furniture sets are always welcomed, and on their lists there’s Claudio …Continue Reading

Transformer Furniture

Anything full of connotation is always appreciated. Just as a man with rich connotation attracts us much more, …Continue Reading

Transformable “Twist”

Somebody cares quite much about the environment, so they are trying hard to avoid using too many bowls …Continue Reading

Vest Scarf

It’s a vest, and also a scarf, to keep you warm in the winter in two different ways.

WHILL Wheelchair Transformer

Wheelchair users, although with the aid of others, may usually get bothered by the difficulty of getting on …Continue Reading

Trolley Bike

Quite frequently shopping is a real sweat, as you’ll need to push a trolley to walk all through …Continue Reading

World’s First Supercomputer Tablet

ASUS is well-prepared to launch the world’s first-ever NVIDIA tegra 3 quad-core tablet, the “Prime”, that can transform …Continue Reading

Desk Convertible to Bed

Offices will soon become a place that you can both work at and live in, with this convertible …Continue Reading

QuickSmart Back Pack Stroller

Nowadays parents especially the young ones love to go travelling with their small babies, but before that they …Continue Reading

Wall Chair

Things will be totally different if without Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard: before the item is merely a …Continue Reading

Chain-shaped Coffee Table

Probably one of the happiest things we commonly think of is to find something new everyday- a new …Continue Reading

Senza Bike Lock System

Jaryn Miller aims to have thieves away from your bikes with this innovative Senza Bike Lock System. It …Continue Reading

Rubix Transformer Furniture Set

Anything that can change to meet our different needs is undoubtedly always welcome, and right here we’d like …Continue Reading

Free Cutter

You must be dreaming of such incredible scissors as shown here. They’re completely smart-looking and their convenience is …Continue Reading

Creo Shoe Concept

Jennifer Rieker has innovatively redefined “shoes” by allowing the wearers to participate in the production process. Every Creo …Continue Reading

Switchable Footwear Soles

Apparently these Urshuz by Grant Delgatty will soon rank TOP 1 on your list of shoes. They feature …Continue Reading

Foldable Mini Motorcycle

Exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, the foldable motorcar surprised every visitor because it can balance on …Continue Reading

Smoking Reversible Tie

The funny tie comes with two sides: one is a work appropriate pattern while the other is a …Continue Reading

Alex Bottle With Separated Bodies

Three separated halves have made the Alex Bottle quite unique among the same kind products on market. Its …Continue Reading

Balanced Shelf

Balanced Shelf from Christian Kim is a shelf unit that can move to form different shapes. According to …Continue Reading

Sunny and Rainy, Different Modes With Same Shoes.

You need different shoes when the weather varies and the new shoes designed by REN Fangying meets all …Continue Reading

Configure Your Picnic Mat

M.A.T. is a picnic mat especially designed for your outdoors entertainment. Constructed from several individual air pockets, the …Continue Reading

Jackets And Bags

Jackets and bags seemingly irrelevant to each other, but they do have some relations when Rotem Lewinsohn puts …Continue Reading

Bookmark Pen Design

Although bookmarks are created for us to mark a book, we in fact often use a pen instead …Continue Reading

Curv Transformable Furniture

What would you want to have if your apartment can accommodate merely one piece of furniture? You’ll need …Continue Reading

Fossa Sofa by Aur茅lien Barbry for COR

You’d like to create a new image of sofas? Then have a look at what Aur茅lien Barbry has …Continue Reading

WOW Transformable Sofa

Ideal for compact city apartments, the WOW sofa from Campeggi features a smart button and presents a plain …Continue Reading

Rotating Squares Table

Just look at the Rotating Squares Table, it’s obviously another piece of furniture meant for the “must-have” of …Continue Reading

Urchin Softlight

Urchin Softlight, just as its name implies, is a soft and stylish light that be transformed into different …Continue Reading

Foldable Electronic Tricycle

Stylish and compact, this electronic vehicle can easily shift between a bike and a tricycle via simple folding, …Continue Reading

Transformable Relax Furniture

Constructed from five square and triangular pillows, the sofa bed from designer Zuzana 艩i拧ovsk谩 can easily transform into …Continue Reading

Transformable Lamp That Modulates Light Intensity.

Soft and semi-transparent, the lamp designed by Martin Bahrij can give quite warm light in the night to …Continue Reading

MIA Electric Flashlight Lamp

With the technology and design placing towards energy-saving and multiuse, Jia Dai makes the flashlight a new one …Continue Reading

“Somnys” Multiuse Furniture

Despite that we cannot dedicate a pretty serious amount of space to large furniture like beds and tables …Continue Reading

Sony Ericsson FH Mobile Phone Concept

Cellphone designers and manufacturers have never ceased to amaze us, and recently Du Jun has created a concept …Continue Reading

Maverick Flying Car

The Maverick Flying Car is not something that you can merely see in the sci-fi (science fiction) movies, …Continue Reading

Kale Furniture Unit Can Transform Into Toys

Many things can conspire against parents when they try to ready their kids for the future, so one …Continue Reading

Cooky Bag

Chiara Nardiello designed the Cooky Bag that can transform into an apron when you unfasten its two zips. …Continue Reading

Multiuse Foldable Bike

We’re on the same earth and we’re facing the same unpleasant issue of population explosion, which has forced …Continue Reading

i-sound Transformable Earphones

“i-sound” is an earbud-style earphone? Well, you are only half-right, because the “i-sound” Transformable Earphone is not designed …Continue Reading

Human Powered Vehicle Concept

Taking the zero-emission vehicles to a new level, more and more automakers are developing vehicles that are powered …Continue Reading