Cloud Cities

Cloud Cities, sounding quite romantic and attractive, is a pod-like building designed by Tom谩s Saraceno for the Metropolitan …Continue Reading

Matterhorn Glass

Matterhorn, a 14,690 foot mountain in the Pennine Alps now becomes part of the transparent glass finished by …Continue Reading

Transparent Energy-gathering OLED Car Sunroof

As a new year has already come, a new development in the OLED technology is also expected to …Continue Reading

Intel Nikiski Laptop with Transparent Touchpad

Exhibited during the CES 2012, Intel’s Nikiski is a laptop built with a transparent touchpad that can serve …Continue Reading

Liquipel’s Invisible Hydrophobic Gadget Coating

Still worrying about the problem that your expensive cellphones may get destroyed when water goes into it? Stop …Continue Reading

Transparent Touchscreen Vending Machine

I love vending machines, because I could always easily find my favorite cola there. But things are different …Continue Reading

Transparent Church

Church usually means something grave and quite to me, and I seldom imagined that a church could also …Continue Reading

Leaf Grip Remote Controller

With the innovation of design concepts and the progress of technology, remote controller is now approaching its new …Continue Reading

Transparent Face Masks

Transparent Face Masks effectively end the spread of bacteria but never end the wearer’s social interaction. Designed to …Continue Reading

Stanford Transparent Batteries

Stanford scientists are pushing us to a new age, one that popular with transparent batteries. They’re transparent and …Continue Reading

The Italian Glass House

Everyone loves transparent items, from the Bubble Tent to this Italy-based Glass House. Built by the sea, it …Continue Reading

Transparent TV Concept

Transparency is obviously a main trend of modern designs and we’ve come up with transparent cellphones, transparent shoes …Continue Reading

Transparent Mouse

On the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, this mouse has won much praise from the visitors and almost all …Continue Reading

Skybar Wine Glow Cover

Aesthetically shaped and fabricated, the transparent Skybar is an innovative accessory specially made for wine bottles. It keeps …Continue Reading

World’s First Mechanical Cellphone

Celsius X VI II treasures every moment as much as you do. That’s why the French company designed …Continue Reading

Transparent Bubble Tents

These Transparent Bubble Tents encourage users to have a closer contact with the nature. Totally transparent, the new …Continue Reading

Transparent Punch

Time again we’re attracted by a simple but clever idea and what we’re to argue today is a …Continue Reading

Unique X-Ray phone by Tokujin Yoshioka

Taking the mobile designs to a new altitude, Tokujin Yoshioka has created a new cellphone that goes apt …Continue Reading

Glass Speakers

What if your glass windows can work as speakers? That sounds really amazing, right? But before that, you …Continue Reading

Heat Water With A Light Bulb

Designed by Estelle Sauvage, a graduate from Ecole Nationale sup茅rieure d鈥橝rt et de Design de Saint-Etienne, the new …Continue Reading

Glass Studio In Japan

There is nothing special about the Light-Filled Glass Studio itself, because we’ve covered many buildings that use transparent …Continue Reading

Tourbillon Vortex Vase

Tornado and vase seem to be unrelated to each other. But the French design studio A+A cooren has …Continue Reading

Life Pot

The particular design is called the “Life Pot”. It is created by Jomi Marco and Josep Armengol to …Continue Reading

Nike78 Shoe Aquarium

See what happens when Nike shoes are modified into beautiful works of art鈥esigned by a Tokyo-based advertising company …Continue Reading

Transparent Photo Paddles

Photoshop used to be the only thing I can think of to help me add some interesting effects …Continue Reading

Double Sided Vase

Charm your guests with our Double Sided Vase. The interesting vase created by Endrit Hajno can serve in …Continue Reading

OXO Good Grips Pour & Store Watering Cans

The spout moves freely for easier filling and watering? What a strange but wonderful idea! Simply give the …Continue Reading

Transparent USB Memory Disk

Inspired by Japanese Soma-Toh, Mac Funamizu has come up with the Funny USB Memory Stick that features an …Continue Reading

CTRUS is the world’s first football you can see through.

Though claimed to be the first football you can see through on the earth, the transparent design is …Continue Reading

Multiple Chair

The chair is well-known for its unique shape. Just as you can see from the pictures, seemingly that …Continue Reading

Transparent Laptops

Exactly speaking, it is actually the display rather than the whole laptop that is transparent. Announced by its …Continue Reading

Liquid Glass

What you’ve seen in the picture is not water, but Liquid Glass designed by the German company Nanopool. …Continue Reading

CASE Solar Power Glass

The Center for Architecture Science and Ecology (CASE) has finally developed the stylish solar power glass after lengthy …Continue Reading

FILS Sound Film

Transparent, flexible, then what is the item actually used for? Have you guessed right? It鈥檚 a speaker! Developed …Continue Reading

Transparent Milk Box

Nothing is special about the milk box except that it is a transparent one made from glass. But …Continue Reading

Who blew these bubbles?

Almost every kid loves to blow bubbles a lot, e.g. by blowing onto a film of soapy water. …Continue Reading

One glass? Or three glasses?

Change happens all the time and nothing stays the same for long. Maybe that鈥檚 also a key principle …Continue Reading

Transparent Truck System ensures you a safe driving.

Driving is dangerous, and to make things worse, those full-size trucks usually block the view of drivers in …Continue Reading

The window glass will show us more information in the future.

We鈥檝e been used to seeing through the windows from time to time, because in that way, we could …Continue Reading

Look, what is the set of glasses telling you.

Don鈥檛 take these colorful dots merely as decorations, what they really do would astonish you a lot. You …Continue Reading

Outlife Shelter

This is Outlife, a portable shelter that allows you a real natural life in the wild. Not just …Continue Reading

Fade-Out Chair

鈥淲hat you hear may be false, but what you see is true鈥, the famous adage has been passed …Continue Reading

Bombproof Wallpaper

Here is another product that is primarily designed for military. Developed to protect those U.S. military camps in …Continue Reading

Shape-shifting Shelf

At the first glance, maybe it鈥檚 a bit difficult for you to deem the item as a shelf, …Continue Reading

Transparent Shield for Books

Despite eating while reading is not a good habit, most people like me still couldn鈥檛 get rid of …Continue Reading

OC iPhone Dock

What could be more annoying than the cellphone ringing during the work? The sudden noise frightenes you a …Continue Reading

Window Phone

Do you believe that the thin transparent touch phone could make accurate weather predictions and change its screen …Continue Reading

Multi-information Tellurion

Does a tellurion can only show us a map of the world? It鈥檚 certainly not. With a transparent …Continue Reading