Flexible Waste Basket

We humans are really clever: we put our foot into the waste basket to compress the discarded paper, …Continue Reading


Well, almost nothing new but still quite impressive. Here’s how the deal works: you have different kinds of …Continue Reading

DIY Waste Basket

Charles Seuleusian is quite concerned about the environment and aims to save up energy as possible as he …Continue Reading

Dustbin for Beach

Ji-in Byun, Cho Jung Seok and Oh Seul Ki have sent in images of their latest project. They …Continue Reading

Trash Knows.

Not merely an interesting name for the dustbin, 鈥楾rash Know鈥 also gives us a vivid illustration of the …Continue Reading

Share//Trash Can knows how often you use it.

Always feeling that you鈥檙e keeping your room tidy, with all clothes in the cabin but all the rubbish …Continue Reading

A Lamppost Powered by Trash

A lamppost powered by trash? Well, I have to say that it鈥檚 really a considerable progress in developing …Continue Reading

NNew Can

A good design will bring people with more convenience, and the cans used in our daily lives can …Continue Reading

3/4 Trash Bin

Appearing recently in Peking, the so-called 鈥3/4 Trash Bin鈥 is a creative design that features a combination of …Continue Reading

Waste Paper Recycle Trash Bin

Unlike conventional trash bins on the market, Waste Paper Recycle Trash Bin by Qianqian Tao is a neat …Continue Reading

Compost Dustbin

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Mint-pass Rubbish Can

If you鈥檙e someone who likes novelty, you鈥檙e sure to love the Mint-pass Rubbish Can by Jongchul Kim. Base …Continue Reading

Recycled Trash bin

This is a brilliant idea. The trash can itself is made from waste paper and so it is …Continue Reading

Bin bags of fun

Bin is certainly very dirty; I guess that no one will like garbage. However, if the garbage is …Continue Reading

Elegant Trash bin

This trash bin is made from a single metal wire which makes it different from normal bin. Conventional …Continue Reading

Baskets with a collapsible neck

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Barcode Trashcan

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2 in 1 trash

Sweeping trash is not a new design, but this gadget has a individual sweeper. The 18 liter trash …Continue Reading

iTouchless automatic trashcan

As is known, ashcan is dirty, so, nobody like to touch ashcan. With the infrared sensor, this ashcan …Continue Reading

Magazine dustbin

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Sport Bin

You wanna some happiness while working, so you gonna like this bin. It鈥檚 unique L-shaped design allows you …Continue Reading

Mr.P ash bin

Throw garbage into the mouth of Mr.P. He is still laughing.

Digital recycling bin

The TMPO connects via Bluetooth to your Mac or PC and automatically stores backup copoies of files as …Continue Reading

SimpleHuman Cabinet Mount Trash System

You have too many plastic bags? If yes, you gotta like this gadget.