Umbrella with A Hidden Overlaying Shield

In case that your umbrella cover gets lost, which is usually the case, a clever umbrella design that …Continue Reading

Air Umbrella

There are many brilliant idea about the air umbrella, while this one is really going to reality. This …Continue Reading

Origami Umbrella

The Origami-based umbrella improves efficiency and recycle ability and refreshes the common look of umbrellas with its new …Continue Reading

An Umbrella with A Cup on Top

A slight optimization to get rid of the fuss when rainwater flowing along the umbrella to the floor …Continue Reading

Solar Powered Cumulus Parasol

A Netherlands-based studio has introduced this unique cumulus parasol that self-inflates in sunshine and self-deflates in dim light …Continue Reading

Pivoted Drinks Holder

Isn’t it nice to have this pivoted drinks holder that can be attached to any umbrella to keep …Continue Reading

Upside Down Umbrella

It鈥檚 really a reflective level design of this umbrella turning the usual structure totally upside down. With its …Continue Reading

The Dogbrella

This clear umbrella is specially built in leash and pushed to form a dome shape over your pet …Continue Reading

The World’s Smallest Automatic Umbrella

This is the world’s smallest automatic umbrella, it can even be folded up and put in your pocket …Continue Reading

Branching Umbrella Handle

The umbrella with branching umbrella handle has solved the problem for the two men to share an umbrella. …Continue Reading

New Design of Umbrella Handle

With this perforated handle, we can hold the umbrella while using hands to type comfortably in the rain …Continue Reading

Novel Design of Umbrellas

The common umbrella seems to be designed only against vertical falling raindrops. While the raindrops will hit you …Continue Reading

Air Umbrella without Canvas

This umbrella used high-pressure air to replace traditional canvas is designed by a French designer. His launched strong …Continue Reading

Novel Pump Umbrella

Your wet umbrella lining is difficult to dry? It鈥檚 inconvenient to use folding umbrella? All these stubborns will …Continue Reading

The tree shadow umbrella

This umbrella provides more than protection from the sun. Due to its unique pattern, holding it is like …Continue Reading

Vegetabrella Keeps You Dry During Those Rainy Days

Vegetabrella is an umbrella Japan’s Tokyo Noble that looks like Romaine Lettuce when rolled up. It will shield …Continue Reading

Map of the World Umbrella

This very beautiful and lovely umbrella printed the world map on its surface. So even on a rainy …Continue Reading

Cool fan umbrella

It is so hot in summer, but it is impossible to bring air-conditioner outside, so this umbrella fan …Continue Reading

Umbrella Phone Charger

Kenneth Tong’s umbrella is the most different one you can ever find, in the most WTF way ever …Continue Reading

Inverted Umbrella

Rainy days, romantic days, many couples are fond of hanging out on a wet day to experience something …Continue Reading

Clock Parasol

Japanese designer Kota Nezu has recently released this Clock Parasol, something that has drawn an inspiration from sun …Continue Reading

Take a Goggle Umbrella and Dive Into The Rain.

When the rain comes, take a Goggle Umbrella and wonder around the city, we may go into another …Continue Reading

Clouds and Umbrellas

Despite that we’re growing a little older year by year, we can still live a happy life with …Continue Reading

Storm Flipper

According to Swedish architecture studio Visiondivision, umbrellas can not only protect you from rainwater, but also offer you …Continue Reading

“Dreamfly” Umbrella Kite

Umbrellas are never expected to fly like a kite…聽 unless the weather is fine and the umbrellas do …Continue Reading

Ultra-absorbent Umbrella Case

SUSU is a smart umbrella case that comes with super absorption power to make keeping wet umbrella no …Continue Reading

Yuento Magic Umbrella Slides Into Its Handle

One is always at choice whatever the circumstances are presented, and the most common thing I can think …Continue Reading

Wheel Umbrella for Kids

Rain Drum, umbROLLa, Air Umbrella, Rain Brush Umbrella and Allochroic Umbrella…new umbrellas with innovative improvements have come forth …Continue Reading

The Rudest Umbrella On the Earth

Take care not to be scolded by others for being impolite when holding such an umbrella in the …Continue Reading

Rain Drum

Rain Drum, a recent work from a South Korea-based designer Dong Min Park, has been very popular on …Continue Reading

Double Side Umbrella Strap

We seldom roll the umbrella up in the right way, and we have to do that once more …Continue Reading

umbROLLa is an innovative umbrella you can drag around.

Some of us just don’t like to hold the umbrellas in the hands when no longer using them, …Continue Reading

Dangling Umbrella

Lose your umbrella again? Not likely with the Dangling Umbrella. It’s a busy world filled with numerous affairs …Continue Reading

Air Umbrella by Je Sung Park

Air Umbrella is not a real product but a concept that uses a sheet of steady air as …Continue Reading

Umbrella Lamp

Never rains but the umbrellas are always needed inside your room. They鈥檙e lamps. Designed by Marie-louise Gustafsson, the …Continue Reading

Heart Umbrella

Your love is always the sun that brightens my life, even if we鈥檙e surrounded with a fierce storm.

Lock your umbrellas

How many umbrellas have you ever lost? Do you still prepare to pay for your carelessness? If not, …Continue Reading

Rain Brush Umbrella By Liu Hsiang-Ling

Recently I鈥檝e been hearing much about modern umbrellas, or more exactly, modern umbrellas with a traditional meaning. Designed …Continue Reading

You鈥檙e here!

Shaped like the little red dot聽on GPS navigation system, the lovely red umbrella is designed to fix a …Continue Reading

DROP Umbrella Free-bag

Not that romantic as described in novels, films, walking in the rain happens to be boring and annoying …Continue Reading

Allochroic Umbrella

The classical dancing scene by Gene Kellyin the movie 鈥淪ingin’ in the Rain鈥 has impressed countless viewers. But …Continue Reading

Inflatable cloud umbrella

Although it is not hard to get a unique umbrella, all of the so-called unique umbrella are all …Continue Reading


Sitting in the car can protect you from getting wet. But the moment you get in or out …Continue Reading

Inflatable umbrella

A foldable umbrella occupies only a little room, somebody still uncomfortable with it. Maybe this inflatable one is …Continue Reading


Conventional umbrellas come with a fixed surface. Although it is changeable, you cannot replace it easily. This eco-friendly …Continue Reading

Elegant sun umbrella

Usually the sun umbrella is in the same shape of traditional one used in raining days. But sun …Continue Reading

Unbreakable Umbrella

It is said that some martial artists can use an umbrella as their weapon. I guess the umbrella …Continue Reading

LED umbrella

With several built-in LEDs, this umbrella can light your path in the dark. Plus, it鈥檚 also very romantic.

Nubrella鈥攕tylish hand-free umbrella

Why walking in the rain, you might still have many other things to do except holding the umbrella. …Continue Reading

Umbrella transforming into a bag

With the double-surface, whit umbrella allows you to carry the wet with a bag transformed from your umbrella.