Buckingham Palace Soldier USB Memory Stick

Please meet these miniature Buckingham Palace soldiers. They are USB sticks that can safeguard your data. When you …Continue Reading

USBCELL: USB rechargeable battery

Recharging the battery has never been this easy. Simply connect USBCELL to any powered USB port and no …Continue Reading

Charge Card鈥攖he Slimmest Charging and Data Cable for iPhone and Android

Shaped like a business card, Charge Card is actually a USB cable for iPhone. As thin as 0.1″ …Continue Reading

Cool solar window charger

Attach this charger on the window and it charges your electric devices by transforming solar energy. It makes …Continue Reading

Fantastically Functional eClip

It is a paper clip, a USB flash drive, and a metric ruler, surprising you with its durability …Continue Reading

Mini Bottle USB Memory stick

Is it just a miniature glass bottle? Take a closer look. The cork is a memory stick. What …Continue Reading

Eco-friendly Solar Street Charge

Your cellphone battery just runs out while you鈥檙e walking down the street. Here is the perfect solution for …Continue Reading

USB Powered Cooling Strap

A cooling contraption especially created for your feet and shoes? Though sounds bit of ridiculous, the gadget is …Continue Reading

In & Out Toothbrush Sterilizer

Combining a toothbrush and a sterilizer together, the In & Out Toothbrush Sterilizer features a USB port as …Continue Reading

USB Slingshot for Angry Birds

Is there any new methods or tools that can allow us to play the “Angry Birds” game in …Continue Reading

iPad USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive for iPad? You must be kidding, as we all know that the iPad doesn’t …Continue Reading

Innergie Magic USB Cables

With more and more electrical products coming into our life, our small spaces seem to have been filled …Continue Reading

Double-locked Crypteks USB Flash Drive

Honestly there are no USB storage devices making me feel safe enough as my data seems completely open …Continue Reading

World’s First Elastic USB Cables

It’s never impossible to see robots act as flexibly as human beings, because there’re many more techniques created …Continue Reading

USB Mail Box Alert

Something important is soon coming online, while without a detailed time, so I just keep waiting and waiting …Continue Reading

Pig Buddies USB Hub

You know I have three little pigs and a young sow that has recently farrowed, and I’d like …Continue Reading

PlugBug by Twelve South

With the Apple Company is promoting their products almost every year, the Twelve South is designing and launching …Continue Reading

EZSAVE Lockdown USB 3.0 2.5″ HDD Enclosure

How to ensure the safety of your data stored within a hard disk drive? Our suggestion is to …Continue Reading

FlipIt USB Charger

With more and more electronics on my table, there’re actually less and less power outlets to plug them …Continue Reading

Epson’s Retro Photo Printer

Epson’s new photo printer comes with a retro appearance design which seems to have drawn its inspiration from …Continue Reading

USB Optical Mouse with Digital Photo Frame

To build USB optical mouse with a digital photo frame? What an astonishing idea, because we seldom have …Continue Reading

iTwine Remote File Access USB Device

USB devices? Not exactly, it is actually a design that allows data transfer between two computers connected to …Continue Reading

DSLR Controller

Guess what, you can control your Canon EOS DSLR with your phone or tablet via a USB cable! …Continue Reading

Nendo Clip USB

When it comes to USB keys, the designing habit that “smaller is better” is always popular. However, Elecom聽x聽Nendo聽Clip聽USB …Continue Reading

USB Pixel Mouse

USB Pixel Mouse, makes mouse a real part of your computers rather than an accessory to them. It …Continue Reading

U-socket USB Wallplug

Nowadays we’re living in a world full of USB-powered items, including our cellphones, music players, laptops and many …Continue Reading

USB Film Roll

Almost thousands of ideas have been put forward to store your data, but we never mind having another …Continue Reading

Canon Miniature System Cameras

Well, do these Canon Miniature System Cameras indicate that our digital cameras also function as USB flash drivers …Continue Reading

Fuuvi Pick USB Mini Digital Camera

For almost a thousand times I’ve been dreaming of a smart digital camera that can be directly plugged …Continue Reading

USB Phonograph

Hey all you music lovers, divert your attention from digital players or speakers! Let me show you something …Continue Reading

Card Reader For Card Storing With USB Drive

I would never like to take too many memory cards around with me, as they will inevitably get …Continue Reading

Double U USB Port Design

Although trying to shove in the USB Plug from its right side wouldn’t take up too much of …Continue Reading

Bunker USB Lock System

As common door locks prevent your possessions from stealing, the USB Lock System aims to protect your mice, …Continue Reading

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Verbatim Paper Clip USB

Taking the USB storage to a new altitude, Verbatim has designed a new series of USB drives with …Continue Reading

[DIY] USB Bike Generator

Since we can produce some energy while riding a bike, why don’t we utilize that to do more …Continue Reading

Metro USB Clip

What does the clip mean to USB flash disks? Indeed, they’re two things that seem irrelevant to each …Continue Reading

Pepper Mouth Monitors Your Words

Do not think that you can input whatever you want to the computer, coz the Pepper Mouth will …Continue Reading

USB Physical Therapy Instrument

The USB Physical Therapy Instrument is a new concept that aims to relieve your pain by utilizing the …Continue Reading

USB Triple Foot Switch II

The USB Triple Foot Switch II is created as a result of the requirements to control computer by …Continue Reading

Scosche IPUSBM Is On the Market!

A portable USB data transfer cable for iPod and iPhone. To be honest, the only advantage I can …Continue Reading

U + USB Hub and Disk Scanner Safeguards Your Hardware.

It’s the right time to safeguard your hardware in a more effective way…And one of the new solutions …Continue Reading

Transparent USB Memory Disk

Inspired by Japanese Soma-Toh, Mac Funamizu has come up with the Funny USB Memory Stick that features an …Continue Reading

White Eraser USB Flash Drive

Eraser and USB flash drives seem to be unrelated to each other, but you won’t think so after …Continue Reading

Bill’s USB

You know those portable USB flash disks that keep your information safe will also make your data stolen? …Continue Reading

A New Range of Gadgets that Feature Chinese Elements

Jianfeng Hao, an industrial designer from Hubei University has brought us a new range of gadgets that each …Continue Reading

Glasses USB

Primarily, we endeavored to produce mini-sized USB flash disks since we wanted to take them everywhere. But also …Continue Reading

Memopad USB

Memopad and USB seem to be unrelated to each other. But a Japanese company has successfully combined those …Continue Reading

Coins? USB Flash Disks!

They are not real coins but USB flash disks with a coin-shape. Just for fun!

You-SB Finger

You-SB used to be a creative concept that features an artificial finger built with a Flash Dive onto …Continue Reading