Lockface USB Key

Face recognition technique聽has been widely used in different fields these days, to ensure the safety of you, your …Continue Reading

Warpia wireless USB PC-to-TV solution

Planning to enjoy 鈥楾ransformers鈥 at home while bothered by the small screen of your PC? Hey, man, you …Continue Reading

MP3 Micro Sport & Headphone

Not for sport use only, but also featuring a perfect lightweight for daily use. That鈥檚 the MP3 Micro …Continue Reading

FM-AM USB Radio Tuner

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been on trip with a heavy luggage including your …Continue Reading

The Secret of the Pop Cans

For our gathering, cheers! But wait, what鈥檚 wrong with my beer? OMG, it鈥檚 actually a beer can-shaped USB …Continue Reading

Mint Seal

Since almost every firm are used to signing a contract by affixing a seal to the official letter, …Continue Reading

Allerta inPulse

Those who love BlackBerry are sure to love the Allerta impulse, a new supporting device that displays all …Continue Reading

Dynario Fuel Cell

Not long ago, a so-called Dynario fuel cell by Toshiba was finally unveiled. Specially designed for mobile devices, …Continue Reading

The BlackBerry Laptop

It could work as long as up to 8 hours, with a standard keyboard and a 7-or-8-inch screen. …Continue Reading

Mouse Pad Keeps Beverage Warm

Not that traditional USB cup warmer, the mouse pad can keep your beverage hot via electromagnetic induction transformed …Continue Reading

Mute Karaoke Mic

Even if you used to perform quite awesomely in music, you still cannot be kept away from Karaoke, …Continue Reading

Dental Camera

This is a USB-powered portable gadget called 鈥渄ental camera鈥 that helps you to check your teeth in photos. …Continue Reading

Wink Glasses

Are you a night owl that always works late with your computers? Have you ever felt that your …Continue Reading

Solar Sound Bluetooth Speaker

The solar sound bluetooth speaker is powered by the solar panel on its top, which will last for …Continue Reading

Creamy Memories

Don鈥檛 these popsicles look yummy? However, I suggest you鈥檇 better not taste them, because they鈥檙e actually portable storage …Continue Reading

Luxury USB

What will you buy with 7400 Euro? A delicate house, a sports car or a luxury watch, anything …Continue Reading

Cigar Trick

Cute acts are the best embodiment of creativity, and the USB cigar also shows a new utility and …Continue Reading

Mini Collar-like Camera for Pets

To help you to see what your pets are doing when they鈥檙e far away, the mini digital camera, …Continue Reading

Fingerprint-recognizable USB

Except for the elastic USB connector, the latest USB from Ennova Co. is also equipped with an OLED …Continue Reading

Pocket-size Microwave Oven

The USB-powered gadget is the smallest, portable microwave oven all over the world which obtains energy from a …Continue Reading

USB Sharing Hub

Released in Japan, the USB sharing hub enables two computers to share any USB devices such as the …Continue Reading

Super USB Hub

Digital camera, PSP, iPod, cell phone, mouse, etc, how could so much equipment spare the limited USB ports? …Continue Reading

Multi-socket Outlet

The multi-socket outlet is an indispensable accessory for travelers who have much electric equipment to charge. In addition …Continue Reading

The Ceramic Seashell 3 Port USB Hub

Summer,seaside,sand, shell锛寃ho says that technology can鈥檛 go with romance? Bury the shell in sand on your desk, and …Continue Reading

USB condom

It seems that USB and condom never have any relationship with each other. But Ko Yang gives them …Continue Reading

EasyBloom USB stake sensor

If you want cultivate flowers at home but lack of necessary experience, you will need this USB sensor. …Continue Reading

USB Flash Drive lighter

Multifunctional gadget is very popular and has been penetrated into every aspect of our life. This USB Flash …Continue Reading

Game controller with a detachable Micro Steering Wheel

It is a kind of waste for common gamers, who do not play auto game frequently, to buy …Continue Reading

USB-programmable power strip

Conventional power strip is only used to supply power. But this new product named CheckTap can save up …Continue Reading

Usb Cufflinks

As the most popular storage device, USB drive is necessary for many people. If you have to take …Continue Reading

Sawed-off USB drive

You can鈥檛 realize that this is a USB drive at first glance. Nevertheless, IT IS!

USB mirror card reader

For ladies, mirror is necessary wherever they are. And this carder reader mirror is therefore a good alternative …Continue Reading

World鈥檚 smallest USB drive

It is said that this is the world鈥檚 smallest USB drive. The PICO-C only comes with a length …Continue Reading

FLX – Collapsible USB drive

Because of the colored elastic silicone cover, your USB drive will be more interesting.

USB pregnancy test kit

This gadget is actually used in the same way as traditional ones. The only different is that you …Continue Reading

USB Ghost mouse

If you like dracula movie, you gonna like this weird mouse.

Nexcopy USB duplicator

The USB200PC USB duplicator is a new product from Nexcopy. This unique device will make it easier to …Continue Reading

USB Punch Head

You hate your boss or somebody else? So, just try to punch this weird gadget. The punch gonna …Continue Reading

Credit card USB set

This USB set comes with 6 1G/2G mini flash drives and a credit card shaped hub. You could …Continue Reading

USB drive with a flexible neck

Because of the stick shape, traditional USB drive is easily to be broken while plugging in the computer. …Continue Reading

Multi-functional modular socket

Better than modular cord socket, this product provide more functions beyond normal sockets, such as USB port.

Keychain USB cable

Although your cellphone will need to be charged anytime anywhere, it won鈥檛 be a good idea to take …Continue Reading

USB exercising Dog

Plug this dog into the USB port of your computer, it will start high-speed-pumping on your machine. It鈥檚 …Continue Reading

USB Vacuum Mouse

Neither desktop vacuum nor laser mouse is innovative product, however, what about the combination of them? With a …Continue Reading

USB owl

Sitting in front of the computer for a long time gonna be a boring thing, so you need …Continue Reading

Pen & Mouse

This innovative computer mouse could be used as a normal pen. Attach the receiver on the USB port, …Continue Reading

USB finger drum

You office is boring? So, you need a gadget like this. It allows you to play drum with …Continue Reading

7 Port USB Hub with cable management

Since USB devices are very popular, it鈥檚 not weird that everyone has a USB hub. However, it is …Continue Reading

Mini USB digital camera

Although digital camera is very convenient for us, you don鈥檛 need so many functions in modern cameras. So, …Continue Reading