USB Powered Cooling Strap

A cooling contraption especially created for your feet and shoes? Though sounds bit of ridiculous, the gadget is …Continue Reading

“Rugbeer” Vending Machine

Nobody can stop the Argentines to love football, because even the vending machines in Argentina are now inviting …Continue Reading

Red Wine Dress

Red Wine Dress is definitely something Lady Gaga would love to own: its fabric was grown and formed …Continue Reading

Magnum 500-inspired Smoking Gun Grill

Built by a group of high school students for their welding class, this huge grill has drawn a …Continue Reading

A Brave Man’s House

On top of Jacobs Hall building on the campus of University of California in San Diego, Korean artist …Continue Reading

Ear Earbuds

What could be much weirder than another pair of ears appearing on your real ears? Sounds interesting and …Continue Reading

Brain Phone Booth

That day when you used a phone booth in street, I saw your outstanding brain directly鈥 That’s not …Continue Reading

Palate MP3 Player

What’s the weirdest way you can think of to listen to music? Quite recently a student at Parson …Continue Reading

Little Slide Dress

Looking almost the same as other standard cocktail dress, Emily Steel’s Little Slide Dress will show you something …Continue Reading

Floating Restaurant

Have you already gotten a wonderful plan for your summer vacation? Whether yes or not, please don’t forget …Continue Reading

Meat? Balloons!

Seemingly like ordinary meat, the stuff shown here is actually meat-shaped balloons displayed by Object Design League (ODL) …Continue Reading

Wild Chair

What, chairs may have their tempers too? You must think that somebody is kidding you, unless you see …Continue Reading

Animal Footprint Shoes

“Bears around, be careful!” But wait, wait, those footprints you found are actually not from the bears, but …Continue Reading

Broken Wine Rack

You know what? You’ve gotten too many bottles of wine on the rack that it finally breaks into …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Shoe sole or something else, can you figure out what the item may be?

3D Ribs Dress

Available from BlackMilk, the stylish shirt comes with a 3D skeletal print, which resembles the skeleton of human’s. …Continue Reading

Muscles Leggings

Well, the Muscles Leggings seem really weird and ridiculous, but in all fairness they’re much better and more …Continue Reading

Mountain Subway

Although I’ve known of many people going to climb a mountain as they might try to live away …Continue Reading

Photorito Lens Wrap

You love your camera lens so much that you even want to eat it? Well, of course nobody …Continue Reading

Seed Faces

Plant melons and get melons, sow beans and get beans, then what will we get after these Seed …Continue Reading

Sticker Light Bulb

Your eyes are not telling you the facts or truth sometimes, because the Sticker Light Bulb is actually …Continue Reading

Roman Colosseum Hot Tub

The Roman Colosseum is the place that I visit everyday鈥 That鈥檚 not kidding, because what I’m talking about …Continue Reading

Scribbled Line People

Scribbled Line People is collaborative work between Ayaka Ito and Randy Church, who have used applications like Flash …Continue Reading

Money To Burn Candle

Too luxury鈥 Even though we know what is burning in front of us is simply cash-shaped candle instead …Continue Reading

Pizza Sleeping Bag

Well, we’re now in a pizza world: when we feel hungry, we eat some pizza; and when we …Continue Reading

Sunken Pedestrian Bridge

Although bridges are usually designed to keep us away from water, I really appreciate the Moses Bridge that …Continue Reading

Wipe T Shirt

A common T-shirt? Well, you must be kidding, guys, coz you should know that everything demonstrated on I …Continue Reading

Memo Eyes

These eyes have managed to make your memos different, and at the same time these unique sticky notes …Continue Reading

iPhone Belt Buckle

What is the safest way to keep your iPhones? One answer suggested here is to put it inside …Continue Reading

Moustache Glasses

Moustache may be anything. It is a magic weapon for men to improve their personal attractiveness, and on …Continue Reading

Animals in Bowls

Would like to try anything special each morning? Start your unique life with these stunning ceramic bowls by …Continue Reading

Heart Carafe

Surely people would seem undecided whether to drink or not, if they’re using a weird carafe like this …Continue Reading

Soft Fish Bowl

Psalt Design must be kidding us, because the new fish bowl now brought to us is so soft …Continue Reading

Tail Stool

Cute designs are always popular. This stool, put forward by Y Zin Chang, is rightly something we would …Continue Reading

Vampire Bottle Opener

Be careful, the vampire is coming鈥 It’s not to bite you, but to bite open your bottles! Look …Continue Reading

Creative Bed Sheets

You know that we spend almost one third of our life on sleeping? Thus we should get some …Continue Reading

Cin Cin Glasses

In China, the bride and groom are expected to drink “cross-cupped wine” from one another’s glasses on their …Continue Reading

Art of Camouflage

Camouflage can be anything. To animals, it is an essential skill; and to artists, it is conception and …Continue Reading

Mommy Tummy Invites Users to Experience a Real-life Fetus.

Men can hardly imagine how hard the pregnancy would be, until they could now experience a real-life fetus …Continue Reading

Laptop Body Skins

These interesting clothes are especially designed for your laptops, giving them a personalized look and thus to amaze …Continue Reading

Creative Toilet Paper

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Polly Tights

Designers spent large amounts of time adding something humor into tights, and finally come up with these weird …Continue Reading

Weird Vending Machines Around The World

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Big Ear Mobile Case

This big ear case for your cellphone will completely cover your ear when you’re using your mobiles. Soft …Continue Reading

No Smoking Pencil

It does look like a cigarette, but the item is actually a pencil. With such an idea, the …Continue Reading

Weird iPhone Stands

Two new iPhone stands here. They come with totally different shapes, one shaped like a faucet with water …Continue Reading

Kissing Mask

Wear a mask to kiss? What a stupid idea that may sound… But wait, wait, Didier Faustino’s Doppelganger …Continue Reading