Shoe House in Pennsylvania

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Unique Banana Shoes

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Frozen Aquarium in Japan

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Sideways Bike

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Heat Water With A Light Bulb

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Coffee Cup in Zero Gravity

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Celebrity Lamp

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Off-Axis Watch

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Sergio Garcia’s Tricycles

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TA脟A Mug For Cookie

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Plates By Entresuelo1a

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Melted Food As Seat Servers

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Magic Mini World

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What’s this?

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Skull Shaped Cupcake Mold

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Weird Shaped Japanese Watermelons

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Weird Motorcycle Helmets

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Weird Luggage Stickers

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Etta Commuter Bicycle Concept

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Adaptive Eyewear

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Deformation Notes of Google

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Clothes Made from Textile Biomaterial

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[Video] World’s Largest Skateboard

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Bacon Air Freshener

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Magnetic Thinking Putty

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Money Memo

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Weird Cannon That Blows Smoke Rings

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Hogshead Inflatable Pub

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Pepper Mouth Monitors Your Words

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Icon Charger for iPhones

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Front & Back Clock

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Invisible Mouse

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Pouring Jug

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Beer Soap

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Wedding Ring Coffins

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Twinkie Spider-web Made From Packing Tape

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“Bearded Beanie” Hat

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Weird Car-shaped House

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Creative Bottle Openers

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“Chin Up” Storage

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2010 FIFA World Cup T-shirts

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Papercut Bodyparts

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8 Cool Shower Curtains

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Transparent Photo Paddles

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Flushing Toilet Bank

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Zippered Trees and Streetlamps

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Coughing Lighter

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