Ridiculous Diver Necklace

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Scented Breakfast Necklaces

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Weight-loss Balloon

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Dancing to Draw

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Say Bye-bye to Floppy Collars!

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Adorable Porcelain Dog Jewelry

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Anti-rape Shorts for Women

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Uniquely Shaped Towel

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The Tweeting Bra

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Flatulence Filtering Underwear

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Gorgeous Eye Makeup

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Wooden Skin Clutch

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LED Anti-aging Mask

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Stockings can tell Your Attitudes.

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Victoria Saddle Bag

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Luxy Vespa Helmet

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Tattoo Stockings

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JumpFromPaper Handbags

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Facial Lift At Once

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Anti-wrinkle Bras

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Electric Nose Lift

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Delicious Food Shoes

When delicious food is used on shoe designs, the results seem still amazing.

Dancing Bags Collection

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The Most Comfortable High Heel?

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Smart Pink Breast Cancer Detection Kit

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Sexy Bags

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Awesome Nail Art

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Wine Rack Flask Bra

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Inflatable Bandeau Belt

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Fiber Optic Stilettos

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Rainbow Bracelet

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What’s this?

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An odd collection of evening bags

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Earring Earphone

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Are these Shoes ?

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Dessert Ring

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Originality Handbag

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Glittering Band Aid

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Foundation-box Cell Phone

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Heels on wheels

This is a crazy idea, you should pay more attention to your ankles while riding on them.

Funny sexy Tee

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Opel Agila High-Heel Shoes

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Foldable high-heel

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Hello Kitty contact lens

If you鈥檙e super fans of Hello Kitty, you gotta like this weird pair of contact lens.

Best jewelry for wemen

Hey ladies, you wanna men to yield to you? Then you must like these jewelries.

Shelia鈥檚 heels鈥攊t鈥檚 up to you

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Sunpod, give you silent sunshine

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Digital necklace

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Lighting heels that heal your feet

Designed by Steve McIntyre, these shoes could stimulate the pressure point to provide healing while you are walking. …Continue Reading

Blow monkey, just for girls

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