Man Handcrafts Pliers in Just 10 Cuts

With a simple pocket knife and a solid wood, it takes him only 10 cuts to make pliers …Continue Reading

Realistic Drawings on Wooden Boards

Using pencils and pastel, the artist creates incredibly realistic drawings on wooden boards that it seems real objects …Continue Reading

Fast Food Kitchen Carved from Wood

You may often dinner at a fast food restaurant and be familiar with the outlay of its kitchen, …Continue Reading

Wooden Skin Clutch

It鈥檚 a good way to combine nature to the fashion industry by creating these 鈥榳ood skin鈥 clutches. Made …Continue Reading

Crafted Wooden Electromobile

It鈥檚 a handmade wooden electromobile from a carpenter for his beloved daughter as a gift. It is delicately …Continue Reading

Amazing Painted Wooden Sculptures

Formed entirely of wood and then painted, Tom Eckert鈥檚 work is full of wonder and magic. Fine and …Continue Reading

Moss Pencil

A wooden pencil covered with green flocking, cute, don鈥檛 you think.

“Step Up” Shoe Rack

What do you think this wooden ladder is used for? Obviously it’s not made to help you reach …Continue Reading

“Wood” Bulb

Based on traditional Japanese technique “ROKURO”, artist Ryosuke Fukusada has created this unusual bulb that features a covering …Continue Reading

Innovative Assembling Furniture

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Fjarill Drawers

Danish designer Jakob Joergensen has created the Fjarill Drawers, a distinctive piece of furniture with drawers opened in …Continue Reading

Movable Sleepbox

Sleepbox is a mini building that allows you to sleep comfortably and conveniently. It was originally a conceptualized …Continue Reading

Creative Cutting Boards

Creativity is everywhere, and it even appears in your messy kitchen. So here we’d like to share some …Continue Reading

Wood Tie

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5-in-1 Table Game

Foosball, ping pong, backgammon, chess and pool – you can play all those five games with merely one …Continue Reading

Bath Boat

Wieki Somers’s wooden bathtub has finally come into my life. Whenever we’re bathing with it, we’ll feel that …Continue Reading

Wall Chair

Things will be totally different if without Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard: before the item is merely a …Continue Reading

Three-leg Folding Stool

Jack Smith’s folding stool is a three-leg one that can collapse for an easy transportation when its seat …Continue Reading

Tomm Velthius’ Train Table

Tomm Velthius has successfully blurred the line between furniture and toys. He built many railway lines in a …Continue Reading

Unusual Wood Floors by Bolefloor

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LZF Lamps

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Hacoa Play Mouse

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Pinching Plant Pots

Hey lovely green plants, how I wish you could know what I鈥檓 saying, because these ‘Potences’ by Gregory …Continue Reading

A Changing Wooden Chair

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Magic Mini World

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Amazing House With Tree Shaped Interiors

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SMS Slingshot Sends Text Messages Onto Walls.

I always thought of slingshot as a toy especially created for naughty boys, as we often saw young …Continue Reading

Wedding Ring Coffins

When most designers are busy creating delicate packaging boxes for wedding rings, someone has come up with a …Continue Reading

Wind Powered Walking Sculpture

Surely you still remember Theo Jansen and his Strandbeest, right? Here is another kinetic sculpture from the talented …Continue Reading

What’s this?

What do you think the wood block is used for?

Ladder Shelf

Here at I New Idea we find that people always have a vivid imagination and boundless creative power. …Continue Reading

“Elastic Wood”: A Flexible but Still Durable Chair

Different furniture has their own secrets of success: excellent quality, reasonable prices, exquisite shapes, or unique techniques. And …Continue Reading

Bright Woods’ Collection of Illuminated Chairs And Tables

Showcased at Milan Design Week, the Bright Woods’ Collection of Illuminated Chairs and Tables have drawn the visitors’ …Continue Reading

Eco-Home From Italy

Dubbed “Fincube”, the low-energy but high-tech residence is a collaborative work designed by Studio Aisslinger and hotelier Josef …Continue Reading

White Fruit Radio

The White Fruit Radio by Swann Bourotte could be another option in that you can find great convenience …Continue Reading

K-Swiss Wood Shoes

The genius French-based architect Paul Coudamy has designed a series of wooden shoes for footwear company K-Swiss. All …Continue Reading

A Chair now, and A Stool later!

‘Fold’ by Fredrik Farg is an innovative set of chair that could be easily transformed into a stool …Continue Reading

Explosion Cabinet from Opulent Items

Wow, this must be the weirdest cabinet we’ve ever seen. Look, the cabinet has exploded into pieces! Coming …Continue Reading

Wooden Bulb Lamp

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Wooden Textiles

A master student from Central Saint Martins, London, has designed a unique series of home ornaments, including curtains, …Continue Reading

Wooden Building Blocks With Magnets

A little boy is piling up his building blocks, and the moment he finished his work, the building …Continue Reading

Curtain Door

I鈥檝e kept imagining what a fairytale city will be like. The prince and princess are living there of …Continue Reading

Versatile Wooden Bookcase

Build these colorful wooden modules as you like! For both kids and adults.

Handmade Marbles Table

Barbie dolls, building blocks, marbles, so many things聽have faded out聽as we grow up while we鈥檙e still trying to …Continue Reading

Contour Shutter

Not all furniture could serve as decorations, and we have only to turn to exterior design聽to see the …Continue Reading

Perpetual Wooden Calendar

Though electronic calendars save us much trouble to find out the exact dates, it is gradually found to …Continue Reading

‘Shavings’ Stool

Honestly, the ‘shavings’ stools from Israeli have reminded me of the corks commonly-used in medicine bottles, but they鈥檙e …Continue Reading

鈥楰laps鈥 Stool

Fantastic! Dubbed as 鈥榢laps鈥 stool, the new product allows you to DIY a stool by making a full …Continue Reading

Shelf in the Wind

Possibly Olivia Bradateanu has been deeply influenced by the classical book 鈥淕one with the Wind鈥, he brings out …Continue Reading

Wooden Calendar Cards

The wooden calendar cards, from Columbia, can absolutely present the functional aesthetics. Using the ragged wooden sculpture cards …Continue Reading